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Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Shortcake Cake Volume 5

Silver Spoon Volume 10

Snow White with the Red Hair Volume 3

Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Edition volume 6
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Forgot to mention the other day but read Smashed by Junji Ito.

Really nice collection of mostly one shot freaky horror stories. The nature of them being one shots mean some if the stories end a bit suddenly but I mostly enjoyed them. If you know and like the author then you know what you're getting into.


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Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare Volume 3 by Yuhki Kamatani - possibly/probably my best manga published this year.


CCG’s Reaper
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Finished Silver Spoon Volume 10 for my upcoming review. Very enjoyable and good edutainment as expected from the series!

Looking to read Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 12 next.
I’ve now read through Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 12, very interesting developments. Looking forward to finishing the review for it.


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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (Light Novel) - Extra Chapter 3 (via Vol. 3), Chapters 13-17 & Epilogue (via Vol. 4 ~ Volume Completed)

I got back to reading the extra chapter for the third volume which goes over Tio's backstory so that was nice to see. Meanwhile, the fourth volume is a weird one to read overall. The first chapter is like a completely different story altogether to the rest of the volume and while I have yet to watch this part in the anime I wouldn't be surprised if they cut a lot of the stuff that happens.

The second and third chapters are basically the same chapter but with different character perspectives and it was a solid section in terms of the story which I eventually predicted what would happen before I started the fourth chapter. The fourth chapter I found to have started great but dragged a bit too long in its second half. The fifth chapter was exciting to read and had a good end to the volume.

The epilogue, on the other hand, was much longer than the others and has a ton of stuff going on in the span of 20 pages. I don't think the anime will adapt this segment as it's basically set up material but it's pretty big stuff for what will happen in later volumes.

Overall I was pretty happy for the most part with this volume and I still look forward to the adventures of Hajime & co.

Here's a quick TL;DR on what each chapter covers in this volume:
  • Chapter 13: Hajime & co. return Will back to his family in Fuhren. Hajime tells Ilwa the truth since his identity was exposed back in Ur, the girls get their status plates and Hajime earns the Gold rank for the guild.

    After some filler ventures like hanging out with Shea and speaking telepathically with a Seaman fish (literally, it's a reference), the two find a young girl with fish ears (called a Dagon) who was on the run from a criminal underground handing slavery business.

    The young girl, called Myu, ends up getting kidnapped by the criminals and Hajime responded by literally wiping out the entire organisation in half a day. Because Dagons can be regularly hunted, Hajime decides to escort her back to her home.
  • Chapter 14: The hero group (Kouki, Kaori, Shizuku, Hiyama & co.) have beaten the 89th floor of the Orcus Labyrinth and began entering the 90th floor which turned out to be an ambush by a demon who overpowers the whole group.

    On the verge of defeat, the group sends Endou (an assassin type) back to gather support.
  • Chapter 15: Immediately after the events of the previous chapter, Endou reaches Captain Meld but the captain and his group are ambushed by the monsters chasing him. They risk their lives to make sure Endou gets out alive.
  • Chapter 16: Hajime & co. reach the town of Horaud, the place located next to the Orcus Labyrinth, as Hajime had to meet with the Adventurer's Guild here on Ilwa's request. They bump into Endou who asks Hajime to help rescue the hero group. He was initially against it but as Kaori was among them alive and well he decides to save her and the others. Tio stays behind to take care of Myu.

    The hero group slowly recover their health but they are eventually discovered. Meld is revealed to have been captured rather than killed but is still knocked out after trying to perform a suicide attack. Kouki unleashes a special skill that almost defeats the demon but he hesitates because he doesn't like the idea of killing defenseless people.

    The group loses hope until Hajime arrives in time, by literally drilling through the floors to get straight to their location lol.
  • Chapter 17: Hajime basically wipes out all of the monsters and manages to defeat the demon. Hajime kills the demon despite Kouki's protests. Shea saves Meld's life thanks to the potions Hajime had with him. Kaori is relieved Hajime is alive after all this time (it's been 4 months since Hajime disappeared and this moment).

    The hero group is still in shock over what had happened to Hajime, but it's Kouki who is still in denial over the whole thing which Hajime and Shizuku literally tell him to face reality and stop being a complete dense idiot. Hajime also implies to Hiyama that he knows that he was the one who threw the fireball. Hajime also gives Shizuku a new katana. Kaori confesses her love to Hajime and decides to join his group. The hero group and Hajime part ways.
  • Epilogue 4: Hiyama is still pissed off about losing Kaori to Hajime and talks to the person blackmailing him from behind the scenes. Kouki and Shizuku talk about how dense Kouki is about Kaori. The hero group returns to the capital and Aiko sensei & her group return from Ur.

    Aiko sensei and Shizuku talk in private, whom Aiko reveals that Hajime is now declared a heretic by the Holy Capital after what had happened in Ur. Aiko promises to tell Shizuku what Hajime told her about the truth of the world, but Aiko is eventually kidnapped before she could tell the rest of her students.
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