What manga are you reading now?


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Motor Pool Rain (one shot, complete)

What's Under His Clothes is Outrageous! (one shot, complete)

Futekiya's translation for these two was fairly stiff and awkward in places, which is a shame. :(
I agree; while some of the Futekiya translations are excellent, some are oddly stilted in places. So much hangs on a fluent translation!


Adventuring Alchemist
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Kaguya-sama Love is War volume 2

Bungo Stray Dogs volume1 (light novel)

How to Treat a Lady Knight Right volume 1

The Combat Baker and the Automation Waitress volume 1 (light novel)


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So I'm A Spider, So What? (LN) vol 5
Slow volume with quite a bit of explaining the world and new setting. Decent but not one of it's better volumes.

Amagi Brilliant Park (LN) vol 7
Mostly short stories, but the Kanie bit provides the lead-in to the next volumes.

Didn't I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?! (LN) vol 7
Pretty good volume, with lots of good little plot hooks and developing plotlines. The next volume should be excellent.

Record of Wortenia War (LN) vol 2
I love this series, and it just gets better from here.

Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest ch 33
At last, Levy's pregnancy is finally confirmed. This was a nice reveal.

Seitokai Yakuindomo ch 535

Special training in the Secret Dungeon ch 24.2
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The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar (LN) vol 9
Well, there's the conclusion to one long-running aspect of the plot. Finally taking down Loptr was reasonably done, albeit a little rushed at the end. The volume as a whole does a good job of emphasising Yuuto's new resolution, and the final revelation that Yggdrasil is actually Atlantis makes sense of a lot of things.
Slightly concerned with the thing with the Flame Clan. Seems an unnecessary addition at this point that could potentially bog down the plot. We'll have to see.


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Finally reading Yu-Gi-Oh! on the Shonen Jump app after years of watching english Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, I’m finally reading the manga having only ever read Volume 1 previously, it’s certainly been an interesting read! Just finished Volume 7 which is where the series splits in the English release into the Duelist part, about to go into familiar territory where plenty of card games happen!

Finished reading A Silent Voice again for the third time too during the week, still love that manga!