What manga are you reading now?


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Finally reading Yu-Gi-Oh! on the Shonen Jump app after years of watching english Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, I’m finally reading the manga having only ever read Volume 1 previously, it’s certainly been an interesting read! Just finished Volume 7 which is where the series splits in the English release into the Duelist part, about to go into familiar territory where plenty of card games happen!

Finished reading A Silent Voice again for the third time too during the week, still love that manga!


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Nichoume Days: Lives of the One-Room Residents (complete)

Sleeping with the Stallion (complete)

Tokyo Tarareba Girls volume 8 - things are heating up as we race toward the finish line. Can't wait to see what the final volume has in store.

Graduate volume 1

Eromanga Sensei volume 3

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl (light novel, complete)

Record of Grancrest War volume 4

It's Fine Even if It's Just a Dream volume 1 (complete)

Demon Slayer volume 8

Jinjin Jingisukan (complete)

Haikyuu volume 34

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime volume 9


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Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato by Scarlet Beriko from Sublime
Go with the Clouds North by Northwest #2 by Aki Irie from Vertical
Classmates Volume 2 winter by Asumiko Nakamura from Seven Seas


My Hero Academia School Briefs vol 2 (LN)

Another enjoyable set of mini escapades with the MHA gang. This time set around their training camp. Again the stories are light hearted and we get to spend time with a variety of characters. Class B also turn up for some rivalry!

Overall probably enjoyed vol1 more than this and theres a whole chapter about Minetas lewding that can be skipped altogether (I dont mind him in small doses but a whole chapter about him trying to spy on the girls in the bath is way too much!) but the rest of the book is fun and a good read if you're a fan of MHA.


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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime volume 10

Koyomimonogatari volume 2 (Light novel, complete)

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts volume 9

My Next Life as a Villainess all Routes Lead to Doom! volume 1

Motion Emotion volume1 (complete)


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Finished Silver Spoon Volume 10 for my upcoming review. Very enjoyable and good edutainment as expected from the series!

Looking to read Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 12 next.

Dragon Slayer

Death Scythe
Butsuri-san ch 30

Even If The Sword Saint is Boring He's Still the Strongest ch 24-25

The Honor Student's Secret Job ch 18

Why Are You Here Sensei!? ch 60
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Adventuring Alchemist
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Infinite Dendrogram volume 3

Sexiled! volume 1 (light novel) - Really enjoyed this, probably review it when the eBook release rolls around from J-Novels...

The Reprise of the Spear Hero volume 1 (light novel) - Some minor spoilers due to not being up to date with Shield Hero, but beyond that this was a fun read.

Konosuba volume 9 (light novel) I utterly adored this volume, a very good entry for Megumin fans~