What manga are you reading now?


Straw Hat Pirate
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The manga equivalent of 'Your Viewing Journal'- what manga are you reading at the moment, or, if you're not reading anything right now, what was the last thing you picked up?

I haven't had a chance to read much these past few weeks because of revision, but the last thing I read was .hack//Legend of the Twilight vol 2, and once exams finish I'll get started on volume 3. Also got Angelic Layer vol 1 and Battle Vixens vol 1 on order, can't wait to check those out (especially as BV is a topic of much discussion in IRC.

So, anyway, enough about me- what's been on your manga reading list lately?
Just finished Oh Great's Majin Devil, as you'd expect it's suitably violent and oft-mystifying but certainly worth a read. I also received the first volume of Ceres: Celestial Legend this morning, I really enjoyed it, not to my usual tastes but a fantastic read nonetheless.
Last thing I read, at the behest of another poster above me, was the excellent Battle Vixens Volume 3, which until said member introduced me too I would have dismissed as unintelligent fanservice and pointless violence, but now i'm addicted too.
Good topic, i've been thinking of doing this one for ages now, though wasn't sure anyone would be interested in writing in it :)

Well i've got quite a few on going titles, actually most of what i own is on going, but my current favourites are:

Mars (this is actually my probably my favourite at the moment) i'm currently awaiting volume 5 from United Publication, bought volume six a while back but i havn't been able to read it because of my lack of volume 5.
Been reading lots of Korean manga recently, and loving all of it, especially Demon Diary, and recently began reading Model and I.N.V.U, and just bought Kill Me Kiss Me today, so we will see what thats like
I'm reading Battle Vixens 3, Monster, Fruits Basket again and Chobbits again. Also Bleach and Naruto which I read every week when the scanlations come out.
I reading Shaman King and One Peice right now..One Peice is so much BETTER in the manga than the anime.. :twisted:
Charter_Mage said:
just bought Kill Me Kiss Me today, so we will see what thats like
Also one of my favourite Korean mangas!! There are only 5 volumes and I really wanted more, coz it's so good.

I'm reading loads at the moment!
Had recently finished reading vol 8-10 of Fushigi Yuugi and was annoyed I'd have to wait for more, but yesterday bought vol 11-13 in Colchester :D
Last week I read:
Masca vol 1 (all about sexy devils - yummy!).
Just a Girl vol 1.
Hana Yori Dango vol 11.
Doubt! vol 1.
Kare Kano vol 2 & 3.

I still have loads to read, especially after my trip out yesterday! :D
i'm collecting Love Hina right now, and have reached the 'filler' part of the series (books 8 and 9) - i'm sure it will pick up towards the end.

i also have a bit of Chobits (bought for research purposes, ie reviewing the series), Fruits Basket and Cowboy Bebop.

i was collecting NGE and Nausicaa manga series but after 3 MONTHS the next volumes still haven't arrived. :evil:
At the moment im reading Azumanga Daioh Vol 1 which i just borrowed of Valha about 1 1/2 hours ago already half way through LOL
I just read Mai The Psychic Girl Vol 1-3 (1980's manga) and thought it was excellent although maybe a bit gritty in some parts lol.
I think the anime/manga nowadays should pick up on the oldskool psychic girl stuff! :D

About to start: High School Girls Vol 1! Yay! :twisted:
Still need to get Juline Vol1 so that I can start reading Vol2,3, and 4 that I bought. :)
Miaka-chan said:
Also one of my favourite Korean mangas!! There are only 5 volumes and I really wanted more, coz it's so good.
It did seem really good from that first volume, actually i really loved it, though like alot of romance manga, it makes me very sad once the high of reading it is over. i'm really into Korean manga at the moment, three out of the four titles i bought last were Korean, just all good stories :D
Just finished the first two Ranma 1/2 GNs that a friend passed on to me a while back, bit of a trip down memory lane this was the very first manga I read. As great as ever, I'm glad I had the chance to reacquaint myself with Ranma and the gang......plus it has a karate chopping panda a boast few mangas can lay claim to :p
Recently read Ranma 1/2 #6, Kodocha #7 (which I've lost somewhere) and Maison Ikkoku #14 (the last one) - needless to say, I liked the ending. 8)
Had a bit of a manga fest yesterday :D
I read Magic Knight Rayearth vol 1-3 & Fruits Basket vol 1 & 2.
I still find it strange how condensed some mangas are compared to the anime. The entire first season of MKR the anime, is covered in just those 3 manga books!!
I have decided that EVERYONE in Fruits Basket is much cuter in the manga :wink: