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Quick question for anybody with the Discotek DVD release of Gun Frontier:

I've noticed on my copy, which was brand new out of the box, that disc one has a few visual issues. This is noticeable during episodes 4 and 5.

The most noticeable glitch is during episode 5 at about 16 minutes in. Suddenly I get a chequerboard pattern on the screen for about a second. There's also a notable instance of de-rezzing early in episode 4, where the visuals become blocky for a moment.

I'm thinking I may just have a bad disc. But if anyone's noticed similar, I'd be REALLY grateful if you could let me know.
Honestly, if I took it apart, I'd worry I'd never get it back together again haha. But yeah, I'd love to get a UHD one but the Region Free ones are like £400, and I'm not made of money.
Well wait until it fully dies then you have nothing to lose? Search youtube for something like "clean lens modal name" chances are someone has made a video on how to do it and it's usually quite simple. In my experience BD players are a lot simpler than games consoles..


Wow HD had two of the now OOP Ranma 1/2 sets for £23 a while back, and I've used them several times since.
Bought A Scanner Darkly from them for £4.20 the other day.

No customs, and nothing has arrived damaged either


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If it helps I bought One Punch Man LE for £42 on WOWHD. Dispatched on Thursday 27th April and arrived Monday 8th May. No customs.
Anyone have any experience buying from the online HMV store? Curious what the packaging is like as I've been meaning to pick up the Shinkai twinpack and they seem the cheapest.
I bought the Shinkai twinpark from HMV. I had it delivered to a HMV store, but I imagine the packaging would be the same for a home address.

It was a stiff cardboard box in a similar design to amazon's but a bit more stiff. My set had no damage.