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Discussion in 'General Anime Chit-Chat' started by sora, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. ayase

    ayase Godhand

    Wait, so Amazon don't actually notify customs you've paid the import duty and you still might not get caught? So in what way do Amazon pre-pay it? How do customs know not to try and charge you a second time?
  2. NoSurprises

    NoSurprises Great Teacher

    Amazon global parcels are normally handled by specific shippers, right? (rather than just Royal Mail).

    They probably have specific agreements with HMRC to pay the customs cost on the packages as they come in to take pressure off the sort offices. For example; the global stuff from DHL in my experience never goes through Langley HWDC. (There's still a very small chance they mess up and you don't get charged though). So Amazon gives the cash to DHL, and they confirm it's been used after the package passes through customs.

    Hence you're almost always going to pay if it comes through the global method, as it's a much more focused process. Whereas standard post is more pot luck.

    I can only suggest finding an Amazon seller for the same item who posts world wide if you want to avoid Amazons "Global" shipping option.
  3. Buzz201

    Buzz201 Mad Scientist

    No. They don't, there's still the possibly you'll get away with it.

    As I understand it, you give to the money to Amazon. Amazon gives it to the courier, and then if it gets caught by Customs, Customs invoices the courier and the courier uses the money to pay that. If the courier never gets invoiced, they give the money back to Amazon, Amazon gives it back to you. (Hence the delay.)

    Back when I imported a lot, this wasn't the case. But maybe it is now...
  4. NoSurprises

    NoSurprises Great Teacher

    I could well be wrong! Not that I import an excessive amount, but I've never had the full deposit back. Occasionally I get a pound or two back when the customs charge has been calculated differently to that which Amazon proposed.
  5. Buzz201

    Buzz201 Mad Scientist

    Back when I imported a lot, I got a full refund a few times. To be honest, I think HMRC has just gotten more aggressive with stopping things. There was a point where they suddenly seemed to stop everything over £15.
  6. Lutga

    Lutga Mad Scientist

    Personally I'd absolutely recommend the Amazon global shipping. It seems like a lot at checkout, but I've pretty much always got it back, and the other obvious added plus is absolute peace of mind.
  7. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    Depending where your ordering from you can always take the risk by going to other sellers, but remember you will have to pay the VAT plus the handling fee if you do get caught. Everything has an upside/downside
  8. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    I believe there's Amazon Canada as an option too as their shipping is less sophisticated. Personally I'd rather prepay than deal with the hassle and delays with my crummy local post office (and Parcel Force here gives me serious rage issues).

  9. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav The Eagle-Eyed Member Moderator

    While the Canadian dollar is alright, Amazon Canada will always lead you to customs. Especially with UPS where you have to be on-time to pay them or else you'll have to wait another day.
  10. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    How fittingly officious of them. No lucky breaks, but no minor injustices either.
  11. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Death Scythe

    Anyone know a good place to buy blu-ray cases? I'm looking to buy a 5 disc blu-ray case like the ones Funi use for my Darker than Black S2 Madman set so i can fit the S1 discs in the same case so i can take them out of that ridiculous 'Premium' edition.
  12. Jaysgba

    Jaysgba Thousand Master

    If you're talking about 5 or 6 disc Elites, good luck. It'll be easier and faster, possibly cheaper as well, to buy a preowned copy of a season of Star Trek Next Gen or Star Trek enterprise on bluray and just steal its case.
  13. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    Then what would you do with the Star Trek discs?
  14. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    Throw them in the bin where they belong.
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  15. Patient-X

    Patient-X Straw Hat Pirate

    £2.89 on Ebay
  16. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Death Scythe

    It looks like that is the case after looking on ebay and amazon for a cheap case :(, it might even be cheaper just to buy the Funi S2 Blu-ray and take out the DVDs to replace with the S1 BDs and then sell my Madman set. Argh wish i'd looked into how much the 5 disc cases were before i bought Madman's set :mad:.

    Thanks but i'm after one that's the same size as a standard blu-ray case which is 14 or 15mm.
  17. ayase

    ayase Godhand

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  18. NoSurprises

    NoSurprises Great Teacher

    Anyone managed to confirm if Funimation's release of Nichijou on bluray is truly region A only?
  19. Dave1988

    Dave1988 Straw Hat Pirate

    Any sites that tell you which anime is dubbed?/
  20. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    If you go to MAL and search for an anime, then click on any of the characters, that'll tell you. If there's an English VA listed, then there's a dub, if there's only Japanese VAs, then it's not.