The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


Flame Haze
Moar yuri. Our Wonderful Days (all 3 volumes, complete) and Syrup: A Yuri Anthology (3 vols) from the Bookwalker Yuri Festival coin back event:
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Plus I pre-ordered vol 3 of Whisper Me a Love Song (I remembered to switch to coin payment which I said I was going to use for Chobits, but forgot. I used those coins on the above instead)


Dandy Guy, in Space
From amiami global:

Just managed to purchase the limited edition Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train bd with Shikishi board and acrylic keychain stand


Flame Haze
Bought a few volumes of various titles from Bookwalker to put me into the next rank for the next month, plus Grand Blue Dreaming vol 13 (out today) which was on pre-order. It also means I have enough coins to pay for the pre-order of Magical Girl Site Vol 15, out Tuesday.


Za Warudo
I finally got around to buying the AoA release for Nisemonogatari. Probably the worst show in the series but my frankenstein collection is nearly complete. Just need Owari part 2 after this. I'm keeping my MVM releases for Kizu and still not convinced the second season boxset is actually worth it over the MVM one.

Girls with Guns

Combat Butler
I placed a small order from Rightsuf today, on the first day of their 34th Birthday Sale. Two of the items were in the Sale, one wasn't:

Sabagebu! Survival Game Club from Sale (first anime I ever purchased because I used an avatar image from the series before ever seeing it!)
Blame! from Sale - Already owned the subtitled Japanese release for years, figured I'd finally grab the Viz release for a dub for my friends.
Neo Heroic Fantasia Arion - Discotek item was OOS when I wanted to order it previously when on sale.

This order was well under Rightstuf's $75 free shipping level, so I paid about $2 shipping per item.

Darren Skippings

School Idol
Rightstuf Birthday sale order
Celestial method BD
Gamers (Ess)
Hitorijime my hero BD
Long riders BD
Ranma 1/2 seasons 1-3 BD
Seven heavenly virtues BD
Srella womans academy
Waiting in the summer BD (dub)
Yamishibai BD


Thousand Master
I keep meaning to finish The Celestial Method! First few episodes were great, hopefully I'll get around to it one day :) Happy Birthday RightStuf :) (unless I have misunderstood and should be saying "Happy Birthday Darren") :)


Thousand Master
Anohana: Flowers We Saw That Day from Amazon

Only because I had a "£10 off anything over £25" voucher code pop up when I logged on earlier which took the price down to £17.99. This is where it will pop up as a DotW in the next couple weeks!