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Sounds tough. One thing you could try would be don't reply for a while. Not in the treat em' mean sense, but just to give her time and you both a bit of perspective. If she was the last one to get back to you, just leave it for a bit. You can get back to her in due course and you can focus on you, whilst you decide when is best to reply. Like you said, it can sometimes be unfair to put an emotional burden on another, so it may give her a bit of breathing space and allow her in time to open up on any feelings she may have. If you're always the one to immediately reply to her, then she has the advantage. I'm not saying that she's doing it on purpose, but she may not realise that it is demanding on you. Just play it cool! Good luck!


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I'll just say it again, I think it's a mistake to presume to know the workings of anybody else's mind or circumstances, especially anyone you don't actually know personally. If the situation was clear to anyone it would be Vash, who actually knows her, not me or you.
I do agree, actually, with @ayase - we can't know the workings of anybody's mind.

My post was about whether there was any awareness of the affect on Vash, and that understanding people's minds are different works both ways - she might be doing whatever it is for her own reasons, but she can at least imagine or empathise with what that behaviour is doing to him. I don't think it's very fair.