What you guys doing right now.


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Shattered on the train back from london. Went to the Arsenal game today and then went to the British Museum and saw the Manga Exhibition. Was a good day all round but been on my feet all day they hurt like hell now! 🦶

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I was partying tonight with a friend, but he headed home about 11 pm... now it's after midnight and I'm feeling good and I'm listening/watching some pretty awesome trance DJ music on YouTube. This has been such a great set I can't stop it to go to bed, lol - I have it cranked way up! wow, especially 40 minutes in and on. These guys are so good together doing B2B sets...

Einmusik B2B Jonas Saalbach Live @ Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 Berlin ADE

And this has to be one of the most jaw-dropping settings to play a set - on the edge of an overhanging cliff over 600 meters above the water below - same pair of DJ's...

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Pondering how the hell I'm going to migrate this code across since some of it doesn't work in the current version of Perl I have. 😂