What you guys doing right now.


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Catching up on online stuff since been busy the last few days and not gotten near a PC since last week.
Last night off before night shifts, wondering what out of my collection to watch tonight

I think we should...

... see wha wins out in the forums

If you really want to make a suggestion, preferably a film, quote in gencov and I'll see if I have it. I'll be watching something probably by half 9

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My next door neighbors were over tonight to completely finish up the Battlestar Galactica 2004-2009 SyFy Channel Re-make series tonight, we finished-off the three part finale for the final season 4.5. I think we completed the entire series at a very impressive clip - we started watching the Pilot on April 30th, so it took us just 67 days to finish 75 hour-long TV episodes on Blu-ray - a little over 2 months! I think it was a very respectable effort, especially with getting the neighbors to come over so many evenings to go through the entire series in that short of a time. I guess it helped that they were totally into the series right from the Pilot episode, so they actually wanted to come over so often - sometimes 3 or 4 nights in a row, to watch two or three episodes in a sitting - because they simply couldn't get enough of it. And tonight after it was over they just looked stunned, and shook their heads and said "wow, what a series!"

We actually did not watch Razor or The Plan yet, so we'll have to get through those two movies sometime in the near future, but the series itself is done!

Now we'll most likely be going back to watching anime; I think we're planning to watch Fullmetal Achemist and FMA:Brotherhood back-to-back as our next major series to tackle.
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Had to rest my old bones last night but luckily I recorded babymetal’s Show. Much rather that in the morning that some screaming cockerel, I’m pretty sure I heard the neighbours dog fighting something though