What you guys doing right now.

Where are you in America? You can come visit me if you're close by Pennsylvania, lol... :)
Haha. Thanks for the offer but I'm in Florida and that's a 16-hour drive. I also have no access to a car. Maybe if you ever make a trip to the UK I and some other people here can arrange a get-together.
Does the US even have any retail stores any more? The number of urbex videos of empty malls I've seen suggests not. RIP Borders.
It feels like it's just Walmart (which is selling Evangelion and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and BarnesAndNoble. There was a general entertainment store but I honestly have no idea how someone is meant to buy half this stuff.
Although if anyone wants me to keep an eye out for a blu-ray I can try. They sell Sailor Moon here.
The biggest selection of Blu-rays in-store in my area here in the US used to be Best Buy, but I think they've dropped anime titles from their shelves, and many stores I believe have removed their media section altogether. I've ordered all my Blu-rays almost exclusively online for at least the last 5 years or more.