What you guys doing right now.


School Idol
I don't know about you, but I always do more than one thing while I am on the computer...and I ws just wondering what you were doing.

Me, I'm adding a second coat of nail varnish, while starting up this topic and listening to music.

So what you guys up to?
I usually eat my dinner at my computer (now that I'm a Celebrity is over which I used to give my full attention to as I ate... :oops: ) but now I'm just listening to the fantastic Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Who knows what'll come on next?! Ah, good old random function!

Other fun activities include watching TV, chatting on MSN, classic work avoidance and watching enviously as people walk past my window living their 'real' lives.

Maximo Park on now! Woooooooo!
Well right now I'm at college listening to a very interesting argument between a chav and a security guard. That's about it really...
Right now not much but usually I'm surfing the net, drinking copious amounts of coffee, listening to music, coding a web page and writing a review. I use the family's machine which is usually hogged by my teenage sis who is glued to MSN between the hours of 6 and 11pm, so I try to do everything at once!
Cleaning my room... Rediscovering a lot of missing manga tankobon under my brother bed, listening music, watching my hamster that run and making some romantic thougths... :p (And thinking about the fact that I have ever "officialized" my girlfriend in 'xmas times... <.<''')
I'm currently clutching a hotwater bottle, and about to get up to get something for breakfast, though often also talking on MSN, listening to music, and since it's approaching Christmas searching websites for presents
Necromancer said:
I've been watching the Family Guy movie while talking to KittySeras on MSN who was also watching the Family Guy movie :lol:.
Yay! That was hilarious!
I'm listening to The Pillows Little Busters while eating smints and decideing what to wear today! Even though it's really late in the morning :oops: