What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Denny Fisher

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I paid about £12.50 for it. I had a wee look through the list of JP stuff you're selling, nothing there that interests me, sorry!
I ordered appleseed from second spin for $5 and Sengoku basara season 2 $15 plus the 30% code aswell.
I'll take a pic when they arrive.


I know I didn't put batman ninja here (I've already seen it too) but going up my local I found it was a treasure trove for what I haven't seen throughout the year. I haven't really caught up on the MCU either since Civil War. as we have it I got these two:
oh god I just noticed this one has legs in it. And neither of them are pegs, my authenticity as a cap'n may be in question

I was tempted to get more like ragnorok and homecoming but I thought this is enough for now

el, psy, congeroo


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I didn't even realise this was a thing. Might go for this as I've never read the manga, how many of the individual volumes in each HC?
Well this volume has the first six chapters plus some cool concept sketches. Not sure about the rest I'm afraid.