What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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£25 from the main AL stand was £35 from their smaller stand I think. There were a few titles that had better prices on the main stand when they were on both stands.
I'll bear that in mind when I attend Sunday thanks for the information!


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@msgeek , @llamareborn , since you both got Re:Zero from MCM could you check if the PQ is really as worse as the screenshots Mangaranga posted over at screencomparison are. There seems to be a lot of banding going on and overall bad compression in the encode.
Yes it's as bad as those screenshots massive pixelation of the image in dark scenes, very noticeable even when it isn't paused.
Have took a few photos of my copy to show you (note pictures took by my phone camera of TV)


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From MCM:
Got my FMP print signed by Shouji Gatou, he was a very nice guy, shook his hand and told him how much I enjoyed Amagi Brilliant Park as well (and mentioned how I'd like a second season.)
[Not pictured] Also managed to get a FranXX poster from the Crunchyroll stall. Technically they had run out but there was one stuck to the table that they said I could have so didn't miss out.
Got the following Blu Rays:
Anime Ltd:
  • Durararax2 Ketsu (was £20 which was a nice touch)
  • Lupin the Third Part IV
  • MSG: The Origin I-IV
  • Log Horizon Collection


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I was going to get Log Horizon Collection but I thought i should stop
I missed out on it last MCM so when they had a few copies I thought I might as well. There were more titles I wanted to get but with the GITS: SAC set Coming out soon I decided to conserve some funds.

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Got these two last week on the 24th from Amazon UK - Gate LE and Napping Princess CE:

Receiving these in the mail actually prompted me to finally install the Region-free mod kit in the Oppo UDP-203 I bought at the beginning of April - now I just need to test it out. I already have an Oppo 93 with the mod kit installed, so now I can use the 93 as an all-region player on my TV in the living room.
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Appleseed from @HWR , it's actually in better condition than I thought. Thanks.

I'm glad The Matrix came in a slip because the inside cover is a bit rabbity :)

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