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I think I've asked this before, but;
something for those who have massive cabinets in the "whole anime collection"
anyone know a good price on good cabinet/shelves? I'm balancing my collection on top of each other... not ideal

I have my eye on this one at the moment, £100 budget might be good
Argos has a good variety of shapes and sizes which are good for the price Bookcases & Shelving Units | Argos


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Overlord any good? - Is there anything I can compare it to? - just to get a feel of the show's setting.
I've seen seasons 1 and 2 really enjoyed it. The main character and the situation he finds himself in works really well in how they juxtapose what he thinks with how he has to behave.

Essentially every 4 episodes is one of the light novels so the pace is pretty constant and doesn't drag tho at times (particularly in s2) it feels like characters get randomly dropped because they've moved to a new book.

Overall its gd and worth a watch


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I’ve had overlord feel like a bit of a chore tbh.
Yup, I’m one of the guys only intrested in the nazerick, you give the viewers overpowered characters that so far curbstomp the rest of the world every other character in the series is boring next to that, but the support characters - that is the regular characters of the world, still have their own arcs.
The worst by far is the lizard man arc, all you learn about them is that they form warring clans, beyond that they are pretty non - descript beyond what you think of lizardmen already, the whole thing felt pointless and the main characters gain nothing from interacting with them, all human characters so far have given them good information or in some way work to make more stuff for the nazerick


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I feel it starts out pretty good but gets increasingly boring and pointless with each season. There isn't much to say about production either aside from the hilariously bad CG. At least the OPs and EDs are absolute bangers