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It was actually mention of the Kickstarter for Megazone that reminded me of it and made me hunt down the songs I love from part 3 hehe. The link that was posted for it though said it wasn't open/active though.

Ooooh thanks over Bubblegum, will definitely have enough. YT has the first 5 Blue Sonnet eps that Sci-Fi made the movie up on there so may watch that awful copy for nostalgia feels too.


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I'm thinking of selling my All the Anime Complete Series, Collector's Edition Boxset of Snow White with the Red Hair (which is sealed).

Does anyone have any idea what it's worth? I can't find it on Ebay!


Pro-tip: check for sold listings on eBay when trying to ascertain the value of things.

A sealed copy of the Snow White boxset sold for £70.


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I totally forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me of that!

Wow! I’ll have to think more about it, thanks for the help!
Just a quick question about My Hero Academia Season 1, particularly the Universal Collector's Edition release. Does anyone know if it uses the same Funimation discs as Manga's recent release, or if they authored their own?


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Crunchyroll hasn't actually released it yet. Likely going to release it through Viz Media since they're going to deal with physical distribution from now on