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Just a heads up we may in for stricter video game regulation no thanks to troll on steam plus we no longer have the eu fundamental not sure if I should post a link about the game or not so I need help on how to run it by the mods.


Vampire Ninja
the rise in knife crime because there not enough police on the streets to deal with it
That's really not the reason for this stuff. It's always been cheaper to let people fight it out and then clean it up as opposed to get officers killed and then have to pay to train new ones.

I'm probably older than most when it comes to this stuff where I live, but as much as stabbings and shootings have gone up round here recently it does so every 10 years or so and it's not anything new. I'm mean, yeah this time round someone's using it to point blame towards other but that's just politicians being idiots which is again nothing original. Violent crime increases tend to fluctuate when it jumps down to the next generation of a family and it really depends how much of a tit the new kid is and who he knocks about with but really, it's nothing new so I don't get why it's being talked about so much.
People only tend to talk about the bit they don't agree with. Like a mate of mine last week got tasered by the takeaway bloke who then went back to the shop complaining and returned with all his mates to stab him. Alright in fairness my mate probably shouldn't've koshed him in the first place but again, people only talk about the bit they're not happy with which in this case is clearly dodgy delivery men.