The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)


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Not dead in Japan doesnt mean its not dead in the west and in my eyes im never touching digital games so its dead for me as its no more physical games
You posted a video from Japan and a Vita game would follow the pattern. So that's my guess, but we'll have to wait till March to find out what it is.
I'm sure following the success of P4G in the West we may get a release here.


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Sounds like some of the team who worked on localising the previous games will be working with NIS, so hopefully it will work out okay.


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NISA brought in people who worked on the previous games to help with cs 3 and 4.

There is a panel tomorrow where more info will found out.

While cs 1 is fine for a starter game and cs 2 can be played with out previous games to an extent you would need to have played the following to fully understand and enjoy cs 3 and 4.

Cs 3 and 4 are 2 of the biggest games in the series as they combine all the previous arc's and do a great job on it.

Collector's edition is pretty sweet.
Plush is the crossbell mascot Mishy.

Any questions just let me know and I'll try answer them.


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The government wants to regulate games but Do think loot box need too be treated a gambling but this can't be good knowing this government and I find suspicious that this is happening now especially since we leaving the eu plus may wants to get rid of the HRA once we've left.
"Is gaming addictive?" "Should Gaming be Regulated?" - What new Hell is this? They're age rated by law, what more regulation can they possibly need? Not content with their efforts to make everybody declare their consumption of online porn, this government now wants to regulate people's consumption of games in their own time and homes? Just install the damn telescreens already Theresa. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?


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What do you expect from a right leaning government.
While I don't wish to leap to the defence of conservatives, the killjoy authoritarians among us know no left or right, especially these days. There's easily as many people on the left who'd be happy to see a censorship loving police state that suppresses and punishes wrongthink as there are on the right. The real problem is the large-scale abdication of personal responsibility across the board, and the ensuing demands the state protect everybody from themselves because they can't be a*sed to.

Your kids are spending all their money on loot boxes and looking at porn on the internet? Maybe try being a better ******* parent then, try not giving them so much money and unsupervised internet access. But of course the government aren't going to say that, because protecting people from themselves is pretty much the only thing today's toothless western governments in bed with multinational corporations and wealthy donors have to offer as reason for their continued existence. They have no real interest in the wellbeing of the people they're supposed to serve, they won't protect anything tangible like our jobs or healthcare, but they'll protect our minds, our souls from contamination from the evils of pornography, computer games and drawings. It's a good way to pretend they care.