So what’s your MyAnimeList statistics?


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It was mostly the length of it that was the problem for me. I don't mind 5-10 episodes of filler here and there, but 40+ episodes in one stretch is too much.
That's fair enough, at least it didn't involve a ninja ostrich


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With MAL, is it sort of expected to put in all your re-watches? It's just that back in the day there was none of this streaming stuff and the market for anime was quite small so the only anime you had to watch was whatever you bought (which obviously was limited to whatever was released). I've probably re-watched the old ADV stuff loads of time.


With MAL, is it sort of expected to put in all your re-watches?
I think its for people with OCD about their collection, you don't have to at all if all you want is to track what you've watched, but if you want to scare yourself with how many days of your life you've spent watching anime accurately then you can.

I mean I just put Akira and Ghost in the Shell at 5 as a guess and put every Ghibli at 2 (even though I know I've watched some a lot more), apart from Marnie which I definitely have only watched once. I have been adding rewatches as I go along though, when I remember.


Lets resurrect this thread, just made it to 300 days. Yay! Next goal is 1000 things watched then... a full years worth of anime!37E0BCD1-9C6E-4322-A84C-736CFEA0EB44.png


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Here you go:
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My harem is now complete, having just bumped off my last male character:
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I've more than doubled my Completed count, but my mean score has gone down even though I eventually gave some 10s out (actually later in the same month I posted the above when A Place Further Than the Universe finished).
Affinity with Blaize has dropped a little. Not sure he's still top as I've added some more friends since, but I haven't got time to check everyone.
@HWR up from 37 to 46.5 & @Phobos is up a lot, was at 10 after the Ms and now is at 30.6. @Neil.T has dropped by 1% to 24.1 and may have reclaimed the least affinity title 😜 (again haven't checked everyone).

Looks like I finished 6 manga series, which also has brought my mean down. Still no affinity reading. The highest number of in common series seems to be 4.

My Harem is a little different with Mako from Kill La Kill and Hanajima from Fruits Basket replacing Kuroneko and Moriko Morioka.