So what’s your MyAnimeList statistics?



Not been a major bump. Just nice and steady progression over the last 17 months or so. Concentrated on quite alot of longer shows and just shows in general over the last year as well. I still like my OVAs but I've definitely watched a ton more TV series as of late.

Seems my mean score went up slightly which is nice.

Manga hasn't changed, just never want to actually read the stuff despite good intentions.

Hoping to get to 1500 watched before the end of next year.


Pokémon Master

No special objectives until the end of the year. Also the last few weeks I look less anime than expected, due to my health failing me a bit and also the Tour de France going on.

Seems I have the highest affinity with XquisiteWig 67,9%, not sure what his forum name is here. I also score more than 50% percent with @Peachy , @NormanicGrav , @Patient-X (we're both of an excellent wine year ;)) and @Blaize.

Lowest affinity is with @NoSurprises with -29,1% (yes that's a negative sir :D). Heck maybe we would get a long like a house on fire IRL:)


How do you actually check your affinity?
It shows affinities on your friends profile pages. Lowish down on the left hand side.
You have to use the "show desktop" option on a mobile browser.
Mine with yourself is 53.9 which puts you above Blaize!
Just above the percentage there's a link which says "xxx shared". Ours is 188, if you press that it takes you to a list of shows with our scores and then gives you the difference in the 3rd column. Our biggest difference is A.I.C.O. at 6! Although it seems that is very much an outlier with the biggest difference being 3 on occasion down the rest of the list.


The Wildcard
@Neil.T has dropped by 1% to 24.1 and may have reclaimed the least affinity title 😜 (again haven't checked everyone).



The kids TV channel Pop is showing some Dragonball series aswell as some Pokémon series. So my daughter is officially watching more anime than me 🤨