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Girls wIth Guns

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@Girls wIth Guns , Ah so you love kimono’s and weapons, then this must definitively be waifu material for you 😁

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Oh yeah, lol! If I was collecting anime figures at all, they would not be of any specific characters from favorite anime series - it would just be all sweet-looking, mild-mannered girls in Kimonos and/or yukatas. 🥰 I'd be out of all my stocked-up toilet paper in no time!

Is that the girl from Date A Live?


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Anyways, looking at this thread did cost me money again. Was looking at a Kurumi figure some time last year but waited too long so in the regular shops that figure is OOP. But I did find one shop who still had some on stock, so I've ordered this one.


Girls wIth Guns

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Not gonna start...not gonna start...not gonna start...not gonna start...not gonna start... 😓

My very first and last figure order I placed was for this Aniplex figure of Homura about 4-5 years ago, but then I decided against starting to collect figures and cancelled the order. Never bought a single figure since.

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