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  1. ilmaestro

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    So there seem to be a few threads floating about for a particular figure, or something to do with figures, but nothing with a nice, generic title that serves multiple purposes.

    Having had my strong willed resistance to buying any figures at all - I have a few small ones that came free with something else like the LE of a DVD, but aside from that the only ones I'd ever bought before were the three Pinky:St x Tenjho Tenge figures - broken down by Good Smile Company's Black Rock Shooter figure due out at the end of the month, I decided to order a few more as well.

    Those being, GSC's Hatsune Miku from the World Is Mine music video - in a picture frame, weirdly; Alpha x Omega's (joint venture between Alter and Megahouse) Sarugaki Hiyori from Bleach; Alter's Saber Lily; and finally GSC's Canaan from, uh, CANAAN.

    So, what figures do you guys have, or have on order? Which websites do you use for news etc?


    Quick list of places to buy figures:

  2. liamoflegends

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    I have a Giratina figure that I got when I preordered Platinum from game rofl, but that's it. Figures are way too expensive and I'd probably ruin them somewhere along the line lol.

    I might consider investing TTGL figures in the future though, <3 TTGL.
  3. Cloud Strife

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  4. ayase

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    I was also fairly reluctant to enter the figure market (probably hoping to stave off the Otaku virus before it consumed me completely: too late) and as such the only figure I currently have is the Jun Planning Revy (Winter Version)

    Actual pic of my figure:

    I did think about purchasing the Wave Dirty Pair Treasure Figure Collection as well, before concluding that actually, those depictions of Kei and Yuri looked quite off model.
  5. Lupus

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    I own Nono from DieBuster, Noriko from GunBuster, Cammy White from Street Fighter, Light and L from those Death Note Zavvi DVDs which I stopped buying. Also some Oni girl which is just some random animu chick and that's it.
  6. Will-O'-The-Wisp

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    The only one I have right now is the Rei Ayanami Model I was given for my birthday. Truth be told, I'd rather not spend the moeny on them, but I'm not going to complain if they're given to me
  7. Fudce

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    Here's my pride and joy


    As for the rest of my figures, why not take a ganders. I plan on posting a new entry at some point soon, so keep an eye to the floor and an ear open.
  8. Cloud Strife

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    Well...i'm glad to see im not the only one who collects Megami magazines judging by the posters ;)
  9. Dracos

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    I don't have a lot of anime/manga figures beyond the LE freebies. I do however have a metric **** tonne of Buffy/Angel, Babylon 5 and other comic related figures. Here are the anime.manga ones I can remember.

    [​IMG] Kotobukiya Belldandy

    [​IMG] Toynami Ryoko

    [​IMG] Toynami Tenchi

    [​IMG] Toynami Ayeka

    McFarlane Toys Kaneda
    McFarlane Toys Kaneda's Bike
    McFarlane Toys Ryoko
    McFarlane Toys Tetsuo
    McFarlane Toys Vash
    McFarlane Toys Tenchi
    McFarlane Toys Kaneda and Bike
    McFarlane Toys Akira
    I may have some of the other McFarlane Toys anime figures but I can't remember.
  10. Someone did create a thread a while back but it's buried in the Conventions, Events, and Websites forum. It didn't receive much attention, either, possibly because it was in that forum. Anyway, my post from the thread.

    Also, damn you for making me think about buying new figures.
  11. Aya-Kun

    Aya-Kun Hunter

    i don't tend to buy to many at a time but i seem to be running out of room lol

    here is my collection i didn't realize i had so many till i did this, tho there are some missing i have a load of little figures from bleach and one piece but i couldn't seem to find them on there including a couple of others
  12. Fudce

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    Running out of room is irrelevant. It's just a sign that you don't have enough shelves.
  13. Arbalest

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    I actually don't have that many...well i say that, you judge. I don't have the time to find the images now, but i have the following:

    Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa Race Queen PVC(normal yellow version i believe)
    "" "" "" school uniform blue ver
    The duo pack of kaname and tessa, can't remember the make and such
    Kaname in bikini with the bazooka
    Kaname in uniform..or lack of as the model does have removable parts
    Talho from Eureka Seven
    Nami POP figure
    Luffy POP figure
    Kallen Chibi model

    thats about it actually, not got any others, bar i do have this on order
  14. BlackWolf

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    At the moment i've only got some anime figures, had plans to get more but other things came up.

    I've got a Aoko Aozaki figure from Lunar Legend Tsukihime

    and the Light figure from the Zavi special edition of Death Note

    I do have these though representing my love of gundam

    F91 Gundam

    Crossbone Gundam

    Freedom Gundam (note that just because i have this doesn't mean i like SEED or SEED Destiny)

    Wing Gundam Zero

    I plan to take proper pictures of these though once i get things sorted.
  15. Fudce

    Fudce Great Teacher

    I've got quite a few mobile suits on a shelf too...

    Mobile Pod Ball
    Throne Drei
    Tieren Taozi

    Obviously a slant towards the newer series there, but then I saw Seed before I saw the original, and I have nothing against Gundam Seed. My only original series suit is the Ball, but cmon, it's the ball! (and also a very fun kit to put together - I wholeheartedly recommend it)
  16. Cloud Strife

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  17. ilmaestro

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    I love the Dead or Alive level of attention to detail on the breast physics, there. ^_^

    Ah yeah, I saw that but ignored it due to the amazingly self-serving title. ^^;


    Which websites do people use for figure news/new preorders/release lists etc?
  18. BlackWolf

    BlackWolf Godhand

    I was looking at the Ball ver KA for some time but when i went to order it, it had sadly gone out of stock at the place i bought it from, along with everything else i would of ordered (like the RX 79 gundam ver ka :( )

    I've got my eye on the 00 Riser mind...

    I use Gundam Mad for all of my gundam models, they're quite good and they've never given me a reason to complain.
  19. Chaz

    Chaz Chuunibyou

    I've got a collection, but it's not that big (not enough shelf space...) It's also mixed in with others, but I'm just showing the anime group part here.
    Some of you may have seen most of this before, but it has been updated a little.

    Top Bookshelf (Right to left) - Gothic Dress Haruhi Suzumiya; Open blazer Ryofu + Striking Chouun (Ikki Tousen); Deidara plushie (Naruto); Nessie plushie (friends are scottish...); Chibi Momiji figure.
    Middle shelf - We have here at the front an Ikki Tousen gasaphon series mixed with an x-mas edition NGE Asuka/Rei and FMA Winry Rockbell. At the Back are Sonsaku Hakufu in a black+fire dress/twin swords and .hack's Blackrose. (And a happy dragon between them all. ^_^ )
    Bottom shelf - At the front are the chibi Negima figures from the LE dvd boxsets of the original anime (Chachamaru, Konoka and "Macky-Macki!") The middle line has more .hack in gasaphon figures (Kite, Blackrose and Gardenia). At the back, standing tall, is Love Hina's Naru in swimsuit.

    But I cant get anymore atm. I lack room to put it all, so I'm at a stand-still. Most of the big ones are still in their boxes because I think they look good like that. Plus, if the worst comes to worst, they can be resold "like-new" anyways, since I've not opened them at all.
  20. Fudce

    Fudce Great Teacher

    If it was 6-9 months ago, you lost it to me I'm afraid... ;)