Figure discussion/picture thread

Got some new figures:
From Galaxy Angel Milfeulle and Mint - these two figures are almost two decades old.

Then Yuna from the Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch, it's the Large size Popup Parade figure.
I've had a cheery Milfeuille for over a decade now, and the pink is starting to fade in her hair. Plus the stand broke and she is mainly kept upright with blutac and by leaning on a friend.
Damage from a tumble in the past or do you think the plastic just became fragile from age? I've got a number of old figures, but haven't had one break just from standing, I find that they usually acquire damage from cleaning or repositioning them.
It was a fall, partly due to the studs in her heels not fitting snugly enough but mostly because the way she is leaning makes her very unstable (front heavy).