Figure discussion/picture thread


Dragon Knight
High Grade kits have become a lot more complicated over the last 20 years. I'm sure it used to be possible to build one in a few hours. This one was more like 9 or 10, and I haven't put all the stickers on yet (not sure if I will, since a lot are only 1mm, and the long white lines could easily go wrong). I'm glad that they mould the plastic in the correct colours now though; I can't be bothered painting kits anymore.
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Which series is this from? :)
I guess I should post the thing in my avatar. It's my only figure but I like it, it sits next to me near my PC staring endlessly.

Well I know I'll be staring back endlessly at my two 18+ figures, once I get them. 😜

That first one I ordered way back in December 2021 should finally be arriving in April or May... Looking forward to viewing her at her very finest, without those white, fuzzy censor dots on all the online photos. 😁


Baka Ranger
Latest lady with a weapon. Not a shooty or a pointy one. But a blunt one!
Hizuru Minakata

Definitely a cheaper model than most of the rest I have, due to her coming in 2 parts. The sledgehammer was quite difficult to get through her hair:
So, silly-minded me broke down and just ordered a third 18+ cast off figure earlier today, I found her online for $225 from Japan. She has the perfect body dimensions and oppai for me, very long black hair, cute face and eyes, and I love her pose, so I just couldn't resist - dirty old man that I am! I'm not really a fan of the overall theme with the metal "wings" on her back, so I'm hoping they're easily removable.

I won't post any photos here, but If you want a look at the figure, just do a search for SOGNO Vispo 1/7 Scale Figure. (NSFW)

I'm still waiting on receiving my first ever 18+ cast off figure I pre-ordered, way back in December of 2021... 😴