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Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Film) Jedi rocks is still as terrifying as it was when I watched as a child, and hey the Ewoks blink now.

Tsu ri ta ma episodes 1-3
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Tesagure! Bukatsumono episodes 11-12 - End
Despite it's animation being exactly what you'd expect from Yaoyorozu this is a fun series with plenty of laughs and fourth wall destruction. Interestingly much of the dialogue is improvised prior to animation, a rare sight in a medium where the animation is done prior to voice acting. Definitely gonna check out season 2 sometime. 7/10

Kizumonogatari Parts 1-3

The prequel to Bakemonogatari. Still the best part of the franchise I've seen so far and one of my favourite anime film experiences. Character writing is so much stronger here with a better artistic direction than other parts of the series. Animation too is incredible with it's CGI settings and iconic animation sequences such as Kou Yoshinari's scene from Part 3. Overall a phenomenal work and well deserving of a 10/10 score.

  1. Bakemonogatari [Rewatch]
  2. Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu [Rewatch]
  3. Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu [Rewatch]
  4. Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu [Rewatch]
  5. Nisemonogatari [Rewatch]
  6. Nekomonogatari Black [Rewatch]
  7. Monogatari Second Season [Previously only watched Neko White and Kabuki]
  8. Tsukimonogatari
  9. Owarimonogatari
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Death Scythe
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Episodes 64 - 67 (Blu-ray)


I enjoyed seeing these characters again and the series as a whole even if the ending was rather predictable with an incredibly cheesy final scene.


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Isekai Quartet 2 (Japanese audio) - Episodes 7-12 (Completed)
Nekopara (Japanese audio) - Episodes 3-12 (Completed)
Sorceror Stabber Orphen (Japanese audio) - Episodes 8-13 (Completed)

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#03ID: INVADEDWinter 20201313
#04If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would DieWinter 20201212
#05In/SpectreWinter 20201212
#06Interspecies ReviewersWinter 2020612
#07Isekai Quartet Season 2Winter 20201212
#08Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!Winter 20201212
#09My Hero Academia Season 4Autumn 20192424 (of 25)
#10NekoparaWinter 20201212
#11PetWinter 20201313
#12PlundererWinter 2020312 (of 24)
#13Smile Down the RunwayWinter 20201212
#14Sorceror Stabber OrphenWinter 20201313
#15Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 1Autumn 20192323


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Ace of Diamond: Act II episode 52 The final game for now. (Complete. This season saw various hiccups and hindrances that the team had to face and it kept me coming back each week. It’s hard to believe this has been running for around a year.) 4/5

Black Clover
episode 128 Pardons.

Isekai Quartet 2 episode 12 Spiderplay (Complete. This maintained the fun of the first season though I felt the new Shield Hero additions were a bit underused.) 3.5/5

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
episode 13 The end? (Complete. An adaptation that tones down the humour and strips the series of much of the charm it had in the original series with a more serious approach that sometimes felt underwhelming in execution) 3/5

Tsu ri ta ma
episodes 4-6
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BEM ep5

Felt like watching something undemanding, so thought I'd give this another shot. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten how basic the storytelling can be. There's some interesting beats here and there, but it's painfully straightforward and I think I've probably got better things to be watching. It also takes itself a bit too seriously, considering how campy most of the monster designs are.


Interspecies Reviewers ep 10
Perfect 10.

In/Spectre ep 12 (complete)
Wrapping up.
The first episode showed so much promise of an odd couple solving yokai problems with a mix of smarts and action, but the rest was just one of them talking and talking and talking through just 2 other cases, one lasting 9 episodes! I can't believe that this is a manga adaptation rather than a LN. The manga must be panel after panel with walls of text!

Wonder what Crunchyroll were thinking making it one of their "Originals" line-up, no surprises to see the action parts used in the trailer. False advertising if you ask me. Now let's see what another "Original" is like:

Tower of God ep 1
Well that was a bit of a confusing mess. And some of the production wasn't the best.


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Ahiru no Sora episode 25 Back after a break.

TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls episode 1 A potential fun sports anime outing.

Tower of God episode 1 Seems stylish so far-hopefully it’ll have the substance to back it up.

Tsu ri ta ma episodes 7-12 (Complete. An often zany anime with fishing at the heart of it. It also had a big climactic finale which worked reasonably well.) 3.5/5
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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director's Cut episode 13 - End
Haven't watched the series since it first aired and this version made me remember how much I loved it the first time. While I am glad that Season 2 has been delayed, the wait is going to be so much harder with such a good cliffhangar. 9/10



@D1tchd1gger In/Spectre is originally a novel. MAL only lists light novels so it's a bit misleading.
Makes sense with how wordy it was. Having an enemy you can't physically destroy doesn't really work in a visual medium because as we saw the planning and execution was lots of mental gymnastics and thus not that compelling.


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he planning and execution was lots of mental gymnastics and thus not that compelling.
I haven't seen In/Spectre but in fairness that is basically the entire structure of Death Note (which is also 90% dialogue) and it's one of the most compelling shows ever made!