What you guys doing right now.

Geriatric hedgehog

Great Teacher
Gambare, ayase. 😅

And here's me thinking that organising my Google Photos could get tedious.
Oh my goodness, anyone able to motivate themselves to such tasks must share their secrets. I finally replaced my aging '07 laptop in December and have yet to motivate myself to organise just half a 120gb hard drive's worth of data, let alone @ayase's herculean task. And don't even get me started on my photos...

awadama fever

Za Warudo
I've got a folder full of - amongst other things - hundreds (maybe thousands) of MSN Messenger chat logs from 2004-2006.

Every now and again, I decide the time has come to tidy it up. I open the folder, see how much stuff is there and decide I'd rather do literally anything else 😅