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Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by NormanicGrav, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. D1tchd1gger

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    This came on, on a random Spotify playlist just as I was finishing the last volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga, perfect:
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  2. D1tchd1gger

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    RADWINPS Your Name. soundtrack.
  3. ayase

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    t.A.T.u deserve to be remembered for more than being pretend lesbians.

  4. D1tchd1gger

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    Von (album) Sigur Rós. Apparently the inspiration for Terror in Resonance. Seen these guys a couple of times, must get round to going again at some point.

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  5. Patient-X

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  6. D1tchd1gger

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    Nice, this one is a favourite of mine:

    But this is probably most appropriate right now:
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  7. musiksoulchild

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    I don't know why but am still listening to the Kimi no na wa OST by RADWIMPS :rolleyes:
  8. D1tchd1gger

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    Was listening to BOOM BOOM SATELLITES second best of album (2008-2016) on Spotify earlier. Then had a read of their Wikipedia page, seems they had quite a few songs used in soundtracks including Hollywood stuff.

    I unfortunately also learned that one of them died last year and Lay Your Hands on Me (from Kiznaiver) was their last EP :(

    I actually recognised quite a few of the anime in this AMV. No Kiznaiver though, oddly
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  9. Demelza

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    As It's now December 1st I broke out the Christmas songs from some bands I really like. While I was doing so I discovered that Oh Honey actually have a Christmas track as well:

    Listening to this makes me wish they'd put a new EP out sometime soon.
  10. HWR

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    This haunting masterpiece
  11. ayase

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  12. D1tchd1gger

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    If anyone wondered where the text in my status came from. It's from Heligoland the title track of Overseers album that also contains Supermoves from the Animatrix (amongst many other soundtracks).

    The two most completely different songs on the same album you'll likely ever hear: