What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Giga Wrecker Alt. Standard Edition (Switch, Limited Run Games / Rising Star Games).


I could have picked it up for a lot cheaper digitally, but I love the aesthetic of the key art.

My first Limited Run Games title. I actually ordered two, but the other is now hidden in a drawer as a birthday/Christmas present for my older brother. Not sure I'd recommend LRG's stands though; it feels like a rough 3D print job. Would have preferred the "feet" to have every side coloured, and I thought they were going to snap when I put them into the main unit.


Student Council President
@llamareborn Which wrestling DVD did you get last time?
It was a summer slam one I think... had an orange cover. It was when there were a few copies of the Patema UE listed on amazon as new, a few people from here ordered after it was posted in the bargains thread and a couple actually got the UE but the rest of us got the wrestling dvd.