What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Captain Karen
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I've not seen it, I've just heard about the absurd episode where they try to rebirth Hitler through a Nun and thought it sounded too hilariously dumb not to watch.


One of the reasons I liked it....it’s so stupid it’s good. Plus also helps that Junichi Suwabe voices one of the main characters.

Girls wIth Guns

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Hey, you just bought my old PC from work - check that serial number, lol! Management just recently retired my 6305 model a few months ago and gave me a new HP Laptop and docking station for my desk instead. I doubt they shipped my tower over to the UK that quickly, though! ;)


School Idol
I have still several more films coming from arrow but first batch of films arrived today. I was suppose to buy like 4 at first but this always happens.

Ringu and Long Goodbye i have seen and rest is new. Long Goodbye i watched like 1-2 months ago and i highly recommend it. It's a detective story but not the usual kind. Elliout Gould does really good job playing the snarky detective.

Also got these earlier

I very rarely watch films made in my home country but there was article about Valkoinen Peura (white reindeer) in a newspaper and i learned from it that it was released part of the "Master Of Cinema" and that got me interested.


Magical Girl
Finally got these two. When my Rocky box got caught in customs, I got afraid that these two would as well. And guess what, they did :) MusicMagpie being who they are, and don't combine shipping, they shipped them in two seperate packages, and both were over the customs threshold. So I had to pay two times customs... £11.98 + £2.50 shipping, then £20.78 in customs. EACH. Might as well have bought them brand new. Lesson learned, never ordering from them again if it's over the customs limit.