What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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it looks like I have to get them from the usa.
I wouldn't. The US Blu-ray release is by all accounts awful.

And AL aren't going to get their hands on anything GitS in the UK because Manga were on the production committee - As long as there's a Manga, GitS will be with them.

Girls wIth Guns

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SDH dubtitles, ALL IN CAPS, is the most horrific issue for me. I guess there's multiple audio issues as well, such as a few spots switching between English and JP track.

Girls wIth Guns

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I received my order from Rightstuf's Funimation Sale today - I think I bought more Funi titles in this order than I have over the last two years combined... I really hate their products. Two more LE releases with postcards shrunk to the back, such shite.

Grimgar LE, Zestiria the X Part 1 LE, Orange LE, Rosario+Vampire, Future Diary + OVA (to put in the DVD chipboard box), and Gosick Part 2.



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I recognise the name of the mangaka. She really likes cows! You can tell from the notes at the back of each volume of FMA, where she draws herself as one.
I think it's because of her upbringing! I believe her family runs (or ran) a farm and so she grew up with the kind of lifestyle depicted in Silver Spoon. :D

Girls wIth Guns

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I can relate to Silver Spoon, a lot - I live in a big farm community, Lancaster County, PA, with all the Amish farmland and their Horse and Buggies, the movie Witness with Harrison Ford, and all of that. A few of my uncles ran their own dairy farms when I was growing up, so I at least got to play on the farm when we'd visit them on the weekends. Just like in the anime series, I got to watch them bring 100+ head of Holstein cows from the field into the barn, put them into their milking stalls with their heads through the metal gates to keep them in place, watch the automatic milkers do their thing, drank some of the cream floating on top of the milk in the big storage tank while it was still warm, watched the big milk truck tanker come and load up all the milk from the storage tank, ate some of the molasses feed mix they fed to cows, played in the corn crib, climb around on all the tractors and harvesters, shocked myself on the electric fences, stepped in numerous cow pies in the pasture, and fought off some huge, viciously territorial domesticated geese down by the farm pond. Lol, such fond childhood memories I have whenever I watch Silver Spoon!
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