What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
DeepDiscount CS did a stock check for copies with slips and apparently The Cat Returns had them so I'll have to see what they say.


AUKN Staff

Keijo!!!!!!!! has arrived from Deep Discount. Could have done with more artwork for the booklet but it's a nice release overall.

Regions are A|B|1|2|4 as stated before (I checked all four discs just to double check). Subtitles are unlockable also.

Got more photos of the set over on my blog (I also decided to label it NSFW in case people decide to look at it during work and their boss can't handle the life & hometown of it).


Dandy Guy, in Space
Today I got Barefoot Gen from Blaize and the other day got Serial Experiments Lain(DVD) from Animeted1 on Ebay. Will be looking forward to seeing both of them 😀.IMG_0729.JPG