What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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I took the pictures and then completely forgot to post 'em over the last 2 weeks. 😂

#01: Three books from UP1 and Kaisen Blu-Ray from Anime Limited's store. Gave up on Cheeky Brat with this volume - space is limited and it hasn't wowed me in the first 3 vols.


#02: Eight books from UP1. Shame that Seven Seas messed up the translation of Childhood Friend, but the others were really good reads. Last Chainsaw Man was especially good.




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Continued from above.

#04: Tanjiro plush from our local Waterstones. Random find, but too good to pass up. The Hanako-kun cover was from eBay.

#05: More books and stuff from UP1. Last Wotakoi and other ongoing shonens.


#06: Latest set of stuff from... UP1 again. Two Blu-Rays and three books. The Uramichi Oniisan had a slip, but I don't really like 'em. Case is also different to the usual Funimation ones - dunno if that's cos they are now Crunchyroll. 🤷 Surprised at how close to Japan the Bungo volume is too. Got more Bungo on the way for next week. 😅


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New arrivals from Rightstuf Bday sale!




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I received two orders shipped in one package from Rightstuf today - one order from May and one from June, which included 5 Discotek titles and 3 GKids/Shinkai titles. So freakin' happy Holmes of Kyoto got a Blu-ray release! Aquarion I vaguely remember watching on Netflix way back when I first got into anime around 2011; all I remember was the orgasmic linkup of the pilots to the Aquarion, and for some reason those images stuck with me, lol. Even more memorable than the Darling in the Franxx driving positions, haha. So, I decided to grab the cheap DVD for the series:

Holmes of Kyoto (#973)
Cyber City Oedo 808 Remastered Steelbook
Violence Jack
Crusher Joe OVA Series
Crusher Joe The Movie
5 Centimeters Per Second
The Place Promised In Our Early Days
Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Aquarion Complete Series Essentials

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