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I bought a ticket for the Nier Orchestra in London. I didn't envision buying these, this was something that was not on my radar at all, I didn't even know of its existence hours before buying them. I found myself at work on my phone, slumped over at my desk thumbing through the internet whilst I shouldn't have been, but works a bore right? Gotta pass time somehow, and then I saw...this...and I saw that the tickets for this had just gone on sale and I also saw that the tickets were selling out in seconds and with slight hesitation...I just clicked on the seat and clicked buy and poof £60 evaporated from my wallet, and well I guess I'm going to London in February to listen to an orchestra play Nier music?

Anyone else here going?

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Aw man, I don't play games so never played NieR, but I've listened to the NieR soundtracks on YouTube and they are really, really good. I would love to go to a live orchestral concert like that if they had one close to me over here in the US. Me jelly!


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I went to town for a couple of things. The first thing was to double check about the Promare showing. It seems they are only doing the sub and as tickets were running out I brought one. Now I have to get my shift changed, got over a month to go so should be fine.
After my other stuff I did the usual rounds. I managed to not buy some Pop figures 😯 but did see this for £20 at the Asian hobby shop:
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Was chatting online late last night with a friend in Taiwan who had just purchased the Vinyl LP of Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason, and I realized I have almost no Pink Floyd albums on CD, just DSOTM and WYWH on SACD. So I went on eBay and made an impulse-buy of the UK "Oh By The Way" CD box set with all 14 PF studio albums in it, plus the 2014 CD+Blu-ray set of "The Endless River," which is also a pretty awesome, instrumental-only release, both still New/Sealed for only $61 US total. I see just one new copy of the OBTW box set on Amazon UK listing for £316, so I guess $44 was a fairly good price on my set... 👍

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