What did you BUY today?


Landed on English soil this morning, hopefully get it tomorrow. Housemate has finished for Christmas, so someone should be in.
Bah, tracker says it's been held for ransom! I can pay online, but then have to choose a delivery date, no option to pick up even though the depot is literally round the corner. Guess I'll have to wait for the little Grey Slip. If it comes early enough I can get it before work, otherwise it'll be tomorrow morning.


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Ordered a Pioneer XDJ RX2 one of the biggest single purchases I've ever made. Wont get it until later this week due to a balls up printing the delivery label.


Last day of our 15% discount at work is tomorrow, but I'm off so on the way home I went to the entertainment section and:

£100 total with discount and £25 of Nectar points.


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LE for Deamon x Machina, something I wanted the same time as Astral Chain

I wonder if this’ll make me end up like someone else on this forum...

cool mech game -new Gundam season - Gundam addict with an army of Gunpla