What did you BUY today?


Thousand Master
Tomorrow will be manga and other light novels day... and possibly figures and more yen press light novels depending on money, space and how the 5 for 4 thing works out at Travelling Man.
Ended up being 12 in the "other light novels" category, 6 in the "manga" one, 1 more yen press light novel (this one courtesy of Sheffield Space Centre) and an artbook.

Should keep me going a little while.


Straw Hat Pirate
I got the second 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM stick I needed that isn't ECC, also after all the issues I've had with connection drops on plusnet with no resolution in sight (plusnet requests an openreach engineer look at the line, the engineer finds nothing wrong with the process going on ad infinium) I decided to up and move to another ISP since my contract was up (and I'd recently received a price increase email that stated I could leave my contract without penalty) and I just spent £49.98 to move to zen broadband (£19.99 of that was for activation) with my new bill for their unlimited fibre 1 product (since I can only get slightly over 40Mb/s there isn't any point going for the faster option) being £29.99 per month with no price rises for the duration of my time as a customer (although they do reserve the right to reduce the price I'm paying at any time).


Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
AUKN Staff
Playing catch up on a couple more PlayStation 4 games for the PS4 collection.

On Amazon, they reduced the price once again for the 2019 visual novel Our World Is Ended, currently going for £14.99. Now GAME in-stores had the game new without the Day One Edition packaging so I am a bit concerned that I would end up with the second print version but the price is good enough.

Meanwhile, I had been meaning to grab Punch Line for ages but for some reason, I never bothered because the limited edition variant is quite hard to find now. Thankfully thanks to Oldmario we found a copy of the limited edition (which is now known as Day One Edition) so I am happy to get the game sooner than later. The price was £19.99 on eBay. For those who didn't know, Punch Line is written by the creator of the Zero Escape series.

Interestingly enough (at least for me) is that both of these will mark the 98th & 99th games for the PS4 collection, so the question I have is what should be the 100th. Heh. For comparison, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition was my 100th PS3 game.


Death Scythe
Killstar's had some dollar off me lately; clothes, bikini and xmas tree baubles.

Also bought tickets to see The Grinch musical here in Manchester. I'll be buying loadsa food today from the Xmas Markets too :)


Cyberpunk Red Starter Kit. Never played a table top game like D&D before, but with this tying into Cyberpunk 2077 I thought I'd give it a go with the guys I play board games with.


Death Scythe
I missed the boat with attack on Titan S3 LE. I also don't want to pay Amazon prices so I've taken a punt and ordered a second hand copy from CEX as it's sold out everywhere else.


Magical Girl
Got me some sweet 4K deals from Amazon:

Air Force One 4K - $9.99
Ghost in the Shell 4K - $7.99
Godzilla - King of the Monsters 4K - $9.96
Jack Reacher 4K - $7.99
Kong - Skull Island 4K $9
A Quiet Place 4K - $9
Rampage 4K - $7.99

There's A LOT of deals going on right now!