What did you BUY today?


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Captain Marvel
Avengers Endgame
Part 1 CE

All using Zavvi's 15% off code YXJAO-9CRE-AXRE. (Pretty sure the code is ending soon)


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South Park Seasons 11-15 and 16-20 Blu Ray sets from DeepDiscount using the FALL15 code. Cost just under £70 for ten seasons which is a pretty good deal and the sets take up less space than the individual releases.


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Yotsuba&! Vols 7 & 8 dispatched.

In other news Amazon thanked me for buying a Blu-ray this year by giving me a code for 20% off a 4K title 😐
Likewise and though there’s a decent selection of titles some of the prices mean that even with the discount they’re sometimes cheaper elsewhere.


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Added Iron Man 3 4K to the Amazon order from yesterday, it's fulfilled by Amazon and at $22.99, which should be very close to the Black Friday price.


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First tweet: Sarazanmai Genga artbooks
Second tweet: Sarazanmai Sarrato Artworks Exhibition artworks
Third tweet: noitaminA book collecting the tweets of the twitter account that got purged with the airing of episode 10. (Was previously Comiket exklusive)
Natsuzanmai = a bundle of doujin stuff (including two books) fron the Sarazanmai staff, also comiket exclusive.)

Luna's (somewhat exaggerated and embellished as well as slightly reordered) Head Office Table record between various part-incanations of her brain warring with each other, after the first two tweets got announced:
September 3rd:
  • Hm, 64 pages mini artbook for 1800Yen? And tax on top. And event-only. Buh. Whatever, there is this guidebook coming out soonish, too.
  • W-Wait, there's two Genga books there, too? 192 pages each? 2700Yen?
  • That cover choice; this is even worse than that new little genga piece on the mini artbook. Why does this have to look so unnecessarily misleading, it's not like----
  • WANT, want want want want want why is this event only want want want why is this event only damn want want waant
  • Listen to me, why'd you want that in your shelf, what if somebody sees it---
  • Then boxes---
  • BOXES! hako hako hako~
  • It's the same!! Weird looks and explanations if anybody sees that!
  • As if anybody would ever chance upon those books in your chaos...
  • Right, let's just straight get two copies of them! Duplicates, duplicates~
  • You be quiet right there.
  • Besides how is this worse than the Penguindrum Genga book cover?
  • ...
  • (Where did we put that book again btw? It was one of those closed no-light boxes that recently moved over here, too.)
  • Get some shelves already!
  • No! Not before the next move!
  • Go treasure hunting later, that one's not running away.
  • Won't they just release the thing normally later? Penguindrum's was on retail and released much later than those guidebooks.
  • That Twitter log didn't go to retail yet. Sooooo suurrrr
  • Look, you don't need that book, you read those tweets already.
  • But new illustrations and there isn't even a single photo of it in the net!
  • Exactly, so you don't know if you'll even like them.
  • blind try, blind try
  • It's 1500 for less than 50 pages most with text you already know. Don't be ridiculous.
  • completist baton rumbling
  • Hey you in the corner. Why are you starting to think about Hyouka clearfiles now?!
  • But the extra artwork...
  • Oh right! Let's check yahoo auctions for that one out. Didn't some new proxys have sprouted out recently or something?
  • See, that twitter log book is up on auction. But no images. Description sounds fine though. puts to bookmarks
  • They also have Natsuzanmai with a start bid at comiket selling price...
  • The staff said they'd do mail order, it'll just take a while, so just sit it out!
  • wastes another 3 hours looking up random things on yahoo acutions
  • (900yen for a Hyouka clearfile, meh.)
One day later:
  • .... A pick up service for the event items comes around with a price list.
  • uhum, it's like 8USD uprice to the original price. That's like 30%.
  • That twitter log book is also 8 more, that's like 50% upprice.
  • Why are you calculating the percentages, hey!
  • There is also no guarantee they'll get the stuff for everyone.
  • Leet's cheeck that yahoo auction agaaaain~
  • Stop wanting to open that rabbit hole----
Looking anyway.
  • Actually let's bid. It's still at 1500, so even with the fees we can go up to...
Gets outbid several hours later.
  • But it didn't even have an image!!
  • It was the only one up there. It was Comiket-exclusive. Japanese folks aren't getting it easily, too, stupid.
  • Geez, I actually wanted to test out yahoo auctions proxy ordering. Only reason to justify getting that book, too...
  • Prices will drop in time, let's just sit it out. I bet you, they'll show up in retail.
  • Jiiiiiii poking stare
  • wanna now wanna now wanna now wanna now
  • shut your trap, will you
  • There's no guarantee it will show up.
  • There's no guarantee prices won't explode.
  • Then just don't get it. What do you even need that for, it's not like---
  • wanT WANT WANt drowning everything
  • exhausted It's 8 dollars. That's not that much for such a service. Actually it's completely reasonable. Just get onto that pick up.
  • Right. Look that stuff up, if they fail to get the books.
  • (Morons, shouting out a bit late after having looked already!)
  • A bunch of people got that twitter book and Natsuzanmai from comiket through that a few weeks back. So is likely trustworthy.
  • But there is shipping
  • choir there is shipping
  • All of those looked like it got shipped with EMS going by the speed.
  • Urg.
  • EMS is not DHL express, you didn't even ever get something via EMS.
  • All the same express crap.
  • That was in Germany!
  • Just frigging ask for the options then.
  • But----
  • But---
A knock on the door of the round table's meeting room.
Two books walk in with a humble hunch, carefully wrapped in plastic bags, making them sparkle here and there.
They position themselves in front of the arguing mess of the round table (some were going physical already) and raise their backs straight to show off their price tags (12700 & 8700 Yen). insert fancy lightening effects here
Behold of the Hyouka Genga books!!! (KyoAni Shop exclusive, original selling price: 2381 Yen each.)
  • .......
  • .........
  • .......
  • ..........
  • Right let's just get them.
  • It's not like those crazy wants happen all that often.
  • That pick up shop looks quite convenient.
  • Yeah, go use something else for testing yahoo auctions. Perhaps also a 1200 yen Love Live Movie, too?
  • Let's get the mini artbook too since we're at it.
  • That exhibition also needs a ticket anyway, so even if you were living in Japan, you'd pay extra.
  • Right, why didn't we think of that before?
  • How much is that again?
  • 1800 Yen. Same as the mini artbook.
  • Isn't that about the same as the upprice?
  • Now that you say that....
Everyone gives each other an awkward stare.
  • All fine and set, then, let's go!
  • Right!
The members leave the meeting room patting each other on the back.
The door closes.
Reason-kun (Whyy that second cover choice!), Time Management-kun (Why does it always end up like this!) and Health-kun (You're never getting those sleep hours back!!!) stay behind hands clutched over their faces in despair.

Luna-shopping is unreasonably complicated.

Adding the twitter log two days after placing the order for the artbooks after all that, was however baffling easy. Hyouka solved it all, lol.

Anyway paid for the 4 books today, as the pick up was successful. Let's see what shipping will be like.
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Just bought some Survive Said The Prophet MP3s off Amazon (because I don't like streaming music....I'm sad). They've got the three track single for the Vinland Saga OP going for £1.29 which is nice.


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Backed this Kickstarter for really fancy dice/figure boxes made to look like spell books. They look so nice made of wood and leather and you can customise the design and colours.

If you pay D&D you're going to want one! I want to buy several but wont be able to afford that! 😜🧐🤔



While trying to watch lord el melloi from my pc earlier, I noticed something about my chair - cue the smallest violin
The chair for all intensive purposes, is dead, the backrest offers no support and no longer keeps me sitting
So I got one of These instead, the one in black.

Will my handy work when this chair comes match that of the cabinet that is still somehow standing?
Find out next time on Cap’n Ball Zeeeeeee!