What did you BUY today?

Seijun Suzuki Vol 1: The Early Years from Amazon. It's OOP now and Amazon had it for just over £40, I'll make sure the same doesn't happen with Volume 2
I had an eye test today as it has been 2 years since I started wearing glasses. My prescription hasn't changed, which is good I suppose but I bought new frames anyway as I've had these for 2 years now and apparently I like to spend money when I don't need to...


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Apple TV 4K to replace my Nvidia Shield which i sold to my younger brother. One of the reasons for this switch is that the Crunchyroll app on the Apple TV runs more stable than on the Shield.


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I decided to acquire some more classic PlayStation 2 games via the digital PlayStation Network store. The PS3 era had a ton of solid titles and it's about time that I properly collect some after Sony basically dropped PS2 on PS4 (the blame seems to be the requirement of trophy support which requires months of QC/hassle).

Due to PAL versions being inferior I'm only going after the NTSC versions of the PS2 titles.

The games chosen are as follows:

GOD HAND - $3.99
Arguably the most under-rated game in Capcom's catalogue from the PS2 era (alongside Killer7 and the Onimusha franchise), GOD HAND is a beat em up that has been loved to this date even if IGN hated it to death. It was on sale for $3.99 as part of the Capcom sale promotion that's currently going on.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - $9.99
The first major Shin Megami Tensei title to hit the west and also the first one to be released for PlayStation. Nocturne is well-known as a classic SMT title that many have grew up with and also introduced them to the world of Megami Tensei. Nocturne (also known as Lucifer's Call in Europe) also features the appearance of Dante from Devil May Cry after the two publishers did a special collaboration for their games (SMT character designer Kazuma Kaneko designed the demonic forms for Dante & Virgil in Devil May Cry 3).
I ordered Ni No Kuni 2 for the PS4. I've been kinda unsure on if I should buy this just now or wait as I know I won't actually play it anytime soon so kinda made sense to wait til I wanna play it as it would likely be a bit cheaper, but I'm weak (or stupid?) and caved.
My yearly Crunchyroll subscription, I didn't actually know I was buying it today but hey ho, seems to have renewed and I'd have done so anyway so no harm done (I do think they should send you a reminder though, maybe there's a setting for that or something).