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My Dodax order for Akame ga Kill Part One arrived today. Part Two was refunded earlier in the week.

Noticed that the items are seemingly reshipped from within the UK so it's possible at least for UK buyers that any "lost" items that have been refunded won't make it past the UK hub.


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Has anyone received an item that was previously cancelled? Tempted to re-order items (unfortunately at a higher price) if there isn't a chance of them arriving


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Still at 0 out of 5 for my orders :( contacted Dodax and Zoreno and they both sent a reply (exactly the same, word for word) saying they would re-send the items that were still available in their warehouse... Expecting to receive a refund email soon.


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I'm fed up waiting, so I've sent emails for each of my three orders to Zoreno and Mecodu, and am expecting a trio of identical emails in response shortly.

EDIT: Got a response from Zoreno saying that replacements would be sent out. Let's see how that goes then...

EDIT 2: Got a response from Mecodu which says a replacement will be dispatched if they have any stock, so possibly a refund will happen soon then. The wording is different from the Zoreno email, and the response was much later, so these might be separate companies and not part of the same parent company as I had assumed they were. All I really know about Mecodu is that it sends stock from Switzerland, at least according to some of the feedback on Amazon.
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In other news, All the Anime have two new Early Bird deals on their site: *SPECIAL OFFERS*

Both Daimidaler and Barakamon are £19.99 until monday.

I shall be partaking of both ;)

EDIT: Er, I can't add them to the basket... so either my browser has gone weird or someone has flubbed something.
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Reading back having missed all this dodax commotion, I've ordered quite a few things from them in the past that weren't anime, but were European imports. They all said they were dispatched from Italy and so I just waited and they showed up eventually, some took about two to three weeks but I didn't really mind considering I was only paying £1.26 for postage from Italy.

I never expect misprices to be honoured because I've been an independant retailer and knowing how much you can stand to lose, I sure as Hell wouldn't.


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I received this email on the 19th

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your request.

Your order was dispatched as planned and has not been returned to us as of now, the item may have got lost during the shipment or is still on its way to you.

We are going to send a request to the delivery service immediately and send a replacement at our expense if the item is still available at one of our suppliers. Please note that this process could probably take a few more days.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this incident.

Kind regards,

Your Dodax-Online Team

Followed by this email earlier today

Dear Customer,

We apologise that your item "Parasyte The Maxim Collection 2" got lost in transit. We tried to locate the order, but the delivery service could not provide us with any information.

Unfortunately the item is not available anymore, so we are not able to send a replacement, either.

Since we are not able to ship your order momentarily and we do not intend to keep you waiting any longer, we cancelled the transaction and will refund the full purchase cost. The charge back will be performed by Amazon within a few days.

The item " Parasyte The Maxim Collection 1" has already been reordered and will be shipped as soon as possible. We kindly ask for a few more days of patience and would appreciate a short response upon receipt of the order.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this incident.

Kind regards,

Your Dodax-Online Team

Now to see if the replacement actually arrives

Edit: Received a refund for part two.
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Okay Amagi has turned up, though this was the one they said they were sending a replacement for. Maybe (and that's a big maybe) there's hope for Akame and Parasyte yet...
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Amagi has arrived today no idea if it was the replacement or original. Either way I'm happy I got a bargain. How other people's orders turn up.


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I got akame ga kill part 2 a while back from them (standard edition) still waiting on Gatchaman crowds insight which I doubt will turn up but I don't mind. If it was a pricing mistake that they didn't want to honour it would have been nice if they'd actually told people though.


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Today is Saturday and post service is week day only over here, but Dodax sent me an email saying my order was lost (yadayada) and getting it refunded.

So 5/6 from them, if I'm lucky I will receive it eventually... so I won't order that blu ray for a while.