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School Idol
The other day I contacted dodax about Amagi and Chuunibyou not having arrived yet and got the standard "we'll send another copy" mail. Now, having received Amagi (but still no Chuunibyou) I got a mail, regarding Chuunibyou, that they're not able to send another copy and they'll proceed to refund. Still hoping it turns up, though...


I have a 10% off code someone can have that I got with my recent order from rightstuf that expires at the end of July. It's a 1 time only code so first come first served as I won't be making another order any time soon.

Discount may be applied only to items that do not have "Not Eligible For Promotional Discounts" on item page
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Combat Butler
Still just Danmachi for me, if nothing else arrives tomorrow or Saturday i'll email them. It's quite worrying that most of us haven't received much if anything of our orders.


Death Scythe
I had a 100% hit rate with Dodax, then again I only ordered one :p
I had 100% with three out of three; Triage X, DanMachi, and Amaburi.

Never received a dodax dispatch email for Triage X, but it still turned up anyway, albeit after the delivery estimate.


Pokémon Master
I'll wait until Monday, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, I don't want them to refund me or send another and then I get the first.


School Idol
I received my Amagi from Dodax this morning.

My first package (containing Perfect Insider) arrived from Zoreno today. The postage label shows that it came from The Netherlands via Post NL, who I believe are the Dutch version of Royal Mail. I've got two more packages from them in the post, and then three from Mecodu as well, so hopefully everything will be here this week.
I've read on a Dutch anime forum that in the last few weeks there's a customs backlog in the Netherlands, so that may have something to do with all the late arrivals.


I received my Attack on Titan Season 1 set a couple of days ago. Nothing about Gatchaman, Madoka Magica, Gargantia or AgK. I never received Dodax's shipping notification for AgK season 1, Gargantia or Gatchaman Insight though I did for the rest. Will follow-up tomorrow if nothing has arrived.
Received AgK part 2 and Modoka today.