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Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by Capuchin, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Capuchin

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    I think it would be good if people could keep an eye out and then inform everyone of when they see cheap deals on UK animé DVDs, like the current sale for instance.

    To start this off, I'll say that the next HMV sale (starting 27th September?) will include a lot of Manga releases, probably only in larger stores and then in relatively small quantities, but it might be worth checking out.
    I think they're the same titles as in the Play sale, maybe not as cheap but perhaps some of you aren't able to buy on-line...
  2. Jamie

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    Here's some online anime sales, i'll add more internet and retail ones as I find them. Anime Special offer

    Manga Titles

    ADV Titles

    Lowest Price: £4.49
    Highest Price: £14.99
    Average price: £8.99 Anime Special offer

    ADV Titles

    All Prices: £13.99

    ----------------Added---------------- Anime Special offer

    Only three titles (Gunbuster, Metropolis and Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar)

    Lowest Price: £4.99
    Highest Price: £7.99

    Anime On-Line
    Clearance Sale (Misc Items)

    Lowest Price: £4.49
    Highest Price: £21.99
  3. Warmaster

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    yeah, hmv, though my local one doesn't have a huge selection like the mvc and virgin, have some great sales. i got the double pack of patlabor (1 and 2) for only £9, 99, same with detinator orgun, ray earth and princess mononoke. i must check back again if they are having another sale. thanks for the info on that.
  4. Warmaster

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  5. Ramen89

    Ramen89 Thousand Master

    My local HMV and Virgin Megastores (which are on the same high street) have quite an impressive amount of anime and so does my local Forbidden Plant (comic store, has anime dvds and quite a few manga books)(and its also on the same street).
  6. Capuchin

    Capuchin School Idol have got some great 'christmas' offers on. Lots of series have the first dvd plus the manga as a deal, or there's Oh my godess, Blue Gender and Vampire Princess Miyu as cheap sets.
    Go take a look, I'm already tempted to spend 100s :roll:
  7. Capuchin

    Capuchin School Idol

    Just in case you don't check out regularly, they've posted news of offering the Samurai X box set for £10.97, which I think you'll agree, is an eye-popping bargain.
    Go spend!
    I've had a quick look through the site and no other cheap animé seems better than other sites, apart from a few of the later volumes of Gasaraki are going for £6. If anyone sees any other crazy deals post them here.
  8. Rurouni H

    Rurouni H Student Council President

    Not DVDs I know, but <a href="" target="_blank"></a> are having a video clearence sale, and while the choices aren't fantastic, there are a couple of (dubbed) Manga Ent videos in there.
  9. Ninja Boy!

    Ninja Boy! Thousand Master

    This website has some very good offers on anime related dvd's ... egory=3029
    (copy this link)
    i really like this site,(rated 2nd next to, in my opinoin) they have so many cheap asian cinema dvd;s aswell.. and free delivery!

    some of the cool anime dvd offers they have are:

    * Appleseed (2004): Limited Collector's Edition (DTS) - DVD Region 1 - £14.99

    * Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Perfect Collection (6DVD Box Set) - DVD Region 2 & 4 - £44.99

    and some more in this section.

    NOTE- if the link does not work, go to then select dvd, then go to "browse by genre, then go to anime :)
  10. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Hunter

    Yesterday, in budget music and DVD shop Music Zone in Chester, I saw the whole of Noir, the orignal DVD editions of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, a few Final Fantasy: Unlimted and the whole of Hellsing for £10 each, so local branches may have the same DVDs on offer.
  11. Red XIII

    Red XIII Straw Hat Pirate

    Amazon are doing quite a few ADV titles for £10.97, RahXephon 1-6, Angelic Layer 1-2, Burn Up Excess, Noir, Nadesico, Full Metal Panic 1-5, Dai-Guard, etc. A lot of movies are down to £8.97 as well (Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Ghost in the Shell).
  12. Ramadahl

    Ramadahl Hunter

    Being a poor student ( :cry: ) I usually wait for really cheap anime to come up on ebay, e.g. the Cowboy Bebop movie for ~£3 inc. P+P. The stuff I've bought has tended to be good quality.
  13. valha

    valha Stand User are doing a Easter sale and there is 65 titles in the sale. The price are different but most are around £10.99 or less.

    There are some good titles in here tho they are mostly dvds that came out early last year from ADV. Im thinking about getthing some of these titles myself

    Easter sale
  14. Martin

    Martin Death Scythe

    cheers Valha. there are some real good 'uns in there although i have quite a lot of them already. :shock: zaion looks tempting though...
  15. valha

    valha Stand User

    Happy to help :)
  16. hopeful_monster

    hopeful_monster Thousand Master

    Music Zone
    is having a sale and found Hellsing, Noir and Eva (not platium) DVD's for £9.98. My local store seemed to have a complete set of Eva and Noir, and 1/2 of hellsing.
  17. Capuchin

    Capuchin School Idol (formerly blackstar?) have a new sale on a few ADV titles, it's a little annoying as they're all £8.99 and I've just spent the last couple of days hunting down Angelic Layer at £9.99 :roll:
  18. Unit 0

    Unit 0 Magical Girl

    i have noticed that in...

    HMV Cowboy Bebop The Movie is in the 3 for £20 deal

    and in Virgin Megastores Martian Successor Nadesico (the first 3 volumes in my local store) Rahxephon (the series), Cutey Honey and Spriggan are in the 2 for £20 deal.
  19. IanC

    IanC Adventurer

    Well more like BOGOF (buy one get one free).

    Titles are (going by Oxford street store):
    Nadesico (whole series)
    Rahxephon (whole series)
    New Cutey Honey (think both vols)
    Spirited Away
    King of Bandit Jing (whole series)

    I picked up Jing, couldnt resist!!
  20. Unit 0

    Unit 0 Magical Girl

    They didn't have Jing at my local store. If they had I deffinately would have got a couple of volumes.