UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


Karamatsu Boy
My partner is pretending not to care while rushing over to the Humble website at warp speed >_>

I paid £80 for just the TV series brand new, and I never regretted that. They are the *big* NISA boxes, and the landscape books at that size are very nice. I also do think that the series is worth that price to me. I had seen it on CR and had fallen in love with it at that point.


Guys what do you value these items at? Already feel like £66 is a little excessive tbb.

They were £9.99 when I posted. Pre Brexit I got each volume at £30 each or so. The movie was quite overpriced considering but yeah £66 is still a good deal given they are out of print but it's probably going to go up so...


Captain Karen


It's not a DVD or BD but still worth mentioning, that super expensive and massive Spice and Wolf LN CE, which contains 17 volumes of the series, is going for around £50 (once factoring in shipping) over on

Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition: Isuna Hasekura, Jyuu Ayakura: 9780316437226: Books -

It's about 70% off, so it's a pretty good bargain, works out at about £3 per book, plus it's just a really nice looking display piece.

Thanks Lemon! Ordered. :)