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Mad Scientist
Just checked this in the 'Defective discs' thread. There's apparently a noticeable instance of pixellation on the DVD as well in the second collection set. Not sure if this will have been fixed for the complete collection.
I assumed you were referencing the issue where the Blu-ray wouldn't load, which MVM did send out DVD replacements instead.


Comic Book Guy
When DVDs run at 24fps, 5 frames is going to be a fraction of a second. Seems silly to avoid a release over such a minute glitch.
I'd be inclined to agree, however... stuff like this REALLY bothers me. It's one of my buttons. A big, shiny red one marked 'press this to watch HdE go into nuclear meltdown.'


Dandy Guy, in Space
I'm really tempted by the complete 'From the New World' collection, but at the same time, although I loved watching it the first time around I'm not sure if it's something that I'd ever re-watch. (And I really prefer the artwork for the separate part releases too...)

(Or maybe this will end up like the Haibane Renmei deal where I convince myself I don't want it until 2 minutes before the new deal of the week goes up)


Captain Karen
AUKN Staff
Would you not recommend it? Is it bad?
I have a review coming up in the near future, if you're interested in full thoughts, but personally, I wasn't huge on it. It honestly depends just how into the main Attack on Titan franchise you are. If you're more of a casual fan or haven't seen the first season, I'm not sure I'd give it a recommendation.