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Well, it's been confirmed, the new series of Bleach will air on disney+, and what's more I just checked, the original series of Bleach has been removed from crunchyroll, it's just gone.


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So they're remaking the Bartender anime? What was wrong with the original anime? I haven't had the chance to watch my copy of the Anime Limited CE yet, but it sounds good. If it is an episodic series, then they should be making some new episodes for it, not remaking it.
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We do live in the best timeline sometimes, and going back in time to the 60's with Lupin Zero.

A prequel to Lupin the Third, showing Lupin in his early years, after getting a taste of what went on in his early years in Part 6, real neat we're seeing it proper and only got to wait until December, I'm very excited!


Manga is the subject of a front-page feature piece in today's Guardian.

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Thanks for sharing that. A really good read for once in a large newspaper that wasn't condescending or ill informed. I have to say I wasn't aware of how large the numbers had increased for manga! Good stuff.