The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

Discussion in 'Anime News & Rumours' started by ilmaestro, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Because I hate threads that end up with three replies filling up the pages of this subforum. ^^;

    And also because I am excited about the announcement of an Accel World anime from Sunrise. Kuroyukihime~

    They announced an anime for Sword Art Online, too, but I've never quite got around to checking out the LNs of that as it seems to be a more generic .hack-a-like than the excellent Accel World. A-1 are working on it though, which means instant watch.
  2. Vashdaman

    Vashdaman Za Warudo

    Useful thread.

    What is LN though?
  3. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Thanks (and to whoever stickied it!), and Light Novel.
  4. Rui

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    I often want to post up little rumours which aren't really juicy enough to make a full news post from, so I figured it wasn't a bad idea for a sticky :3

    Full articles and shocking Twitter-related dramas can still of course have their own threads.

    My contribution (which is very weak but I'm at work with no access to actually new news) will be that the forthcoming Sengoku Basara movie blu-ray will finally allow Kuroda Kanbei to debut in the anime (in mini special edition form).

    Perhaps not-really-worth-clicking-for sample movie

    I was pleased, anyway!

  5. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    According to the official Facebook page, English dubbing of Puella Magi Madoka Magica began today. At the Aniplex Panel at the New York Anime Festival on the 14th, they will be announcing who is voicing Madoka.

    EDIT: oooo MangaUK are following the Madoka Magica Twitter page...
    Sadly, this most likely doesn't mean anything.
  6. daichi383

    daichi383 School Idol

    I hope that does mean its in consideration though cause give me a reason to watch the show since i cant be bothered to download it.
  7. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    I remember someone saying that it was hard to get the license for Aniplex USA shows. Why was that?
  8. Ian Wolf

    Ian Wolf Diclonius AUKN Staff

    This seems to be a good idea for a thread.
  9. Reaper gI

    Reaper gI Pokémon Master

    They do very well in Japan.(currently the most successful anime licensor)
    So they're the most expensive, and can give the worst contract terms.
  10. memorium

    memorium Za Warudo

    Best. Thread. Ever. This way we don't have fluff (no offence) clogging up the news subforum.
  11. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

  12. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    I see. Is it similar to how with Evangelion 1.01 (I know different company), how FUNimation had to give it a few cinema showings first as part of the contract due to the Japanese creators thinking it will do as phenominally well as Japan?

    As much as I'd love to see it released here, I can see Puella Magi Madoka Magica being very hard to market in the West. If they try and market it as a typical Magical Girl show (like they did at first in Japan, and judging from the U.S. website, they're doing there too), then you could easily end up getting one of those parents that ignores certificate ratings and gets it for their kid due to the character designs; or the older people shunning it due to that. However, if they focus on the darker aspects, it ruins the surprise. *shrugs*

    Filled it in earlier =3
  13. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    Note that is it a Shounen survey. You can tell when something isn't aimed at you when it tells you to pick five titles from a list and you've only seen more than a handful of episodes of one.
  14. ayase

    ayase Godhand

    I found three, but just guessed two more so that I could answer the question about preferring rigid art boxes over plastic cases. Plugged AUKN again in the website section again but said I live in the US. I want them to actually listen to me after all.
  15. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    I answered it anyway, despite not having seen any of the anime in the initial question :p
  16. butch-cassidy

    butch-cassidy Straw Hat Pirate

    * Pick your top 5 shows from this list.

    Well that's me out, there are two shows in that list I liked and its required to fill in.
  17. daichi383

    daichi383 School Idol

    lol I've seen more than half of the episodes of all of them at the very least. i can tell they want my input :roll:
  18. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    My husband had that problem too, but he said it accepted him only ticking two boxes in the end. His entire survey ended up as a love letter to One Piece >_>;

  19. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    I just checked whichever anime I'd only read the manga of as well.
  20. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    This was a weird survey.

    "Which of these websites do you enjoy using frequently"

    Where was the option for "which do you begrudgingly use frequently" so I could include ANN?