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Wouldn't say nay to a well made Tsubasa either though. Trainwreck as the manga went the OVAs are still are very nice to look at. Or more FukuJun Watanuki would always be great. (Might also give a reason to actually continue xxxholic Rei.)

Well, anything, as long as it's not another misbegotten Blood-C Gore-pandering.

Ian Wolf

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As far as Clamp is concerned, while they are my favourite manga-ka and would be happy to see just about anything from them, I would love them to complete X.


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That's the one title I don't think will ever find completion. Not with Fukushima having happened being worse than the erathquake that caused the hiatus.
But I guess by combinatorics the end constellation feels somewhat obvious. As the other options have been dealt with in the anime already.
(And it also felt like Tsubasa also gave an inkling of what they probably had in mind.)


Has that not got a placeholder on Netflix already though? Just because I can't find it in Manchester is all :confused:
Maybe someone jumped the gun. AL are showing the film in Glasgow in a couple of days and looking back to the Konosuba film that was announced just 8 days before it was on.
Looking on the Showcase website there's no page like this one for Princess Mononoke:


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Haven't watched on beyond S1, but can somebody illuminate me on this no-shoes/socks feet thing Eupho's promotional illustrations seem to like to have?