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A bit worried with these changes
If it's because of Azur Lane I wouldn't be too worried. This is a promising new studio and just got caught up in spot of poor scheduling on their first production. What should be concerning is whether they planned to outsource to any Chinese companies.


This just popped up on my Facebook Wall. Not exactly current news as it aired a year ago, but I couldn't find a post about it and I'm not sure where else to put it.
A 4 part documentary following Hayao Miyazaki for 10 years by NHK:

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Not anime related but Japanese culture related. Armando Iannucci, the man behind Alan Partridge, The Death of Stalin and the new David Copperfield film, has announced that his next film will be about sumo.



Whilst watching the Miyazaki doc, I thought I'd click on the #anime to see what else they made and found a series of anime shorts about Para-sports, including a Yowamushi Pedal special and an episode made by the creator of Captain Tsubasa:


r/anime awards results:
Of the stuff I voted for most of the ones in the Genre category won, but not so much for the rest.


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Meiji Gekken is the only 'Crunchyroll Original' show that I'm interested in. I'm a sucker for samurai and yakuza. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


Let me complete the above statement from where it is cutoff:
Oh! Oh! This could make a fun game! Let me try:

Netflix announced today that it has partnered with six Japanese creators to develop original anime shows for fans around the world, as part of the company's continued efforts to milk their newly discovered anime cash cow.