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Alrighty then! More Violet Evergarden is so awesome! I would have preferred an entire second season, but I suppose that would be a bit hard to do with the progression of the story already. So a movie is good too, as long as it's in addition to and not just a rehash of the series. I hope I can wait two more years to see it here. VE is definitely one of my top favorite anime of all time now; it is pretty much total perfection... :cool:


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It’s been confirmed it’s new material, according to people at the event.
I dunno if it can do the stories it did best in a movie slot and they let’s hope they ignore that ending

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New material, Ok! I wouldn't doubt it would be a sort of prequel movie showing more of her and maybe Gilbert's past as well.

So when you say "ending," are you referring to the entire last 2 episodes, or just the cut scene at the very end?

And that "Extra Episode" releasing this week sounds like it occurs exactly where they needed it in the series - "The story of the new episode will center on a letter request from an opera house songstress and take place over several months between the events of the anime's episodes 4 and 5." That should hopefully show more of Violet's development and fill in that big gap in her progression that is missing between those two episodes.
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A tweet was released with the following message:
Finally the "Tokyo Initial: re" final story! Professor Ishida Good job! What kind of ending is the animation staff ... What kind of baton is passed I was excited! An important baton from the teacher. In the second chapter of the animation which will be the final chapter, I will draw with full effort to the last for this ending! Broadcast from October thank you! (This is from google translate)

Looks like re season 2 will cover up to the end of the manga, so 121 chapters. Whether or not it's two cour or not is unconfirmed.

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Vice have started advertising that they will be showing new Tokyo Ghoul episodes from Monday July 23rd. Iirc they have already screened the first two seasons so this may be for :RE.