The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


And you thought there is never a Grav online

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? - Complete Series (Collector's Edition Combo)
You may be confused by this and wondering, GRAV DIDN'T YOU ORDER THIS ALREADY? I did. Then a situation occurred. Sentai had to delay the set to April 18th and I was in a position where the set would arrive at home (while I would be at Uni). That's usually not an issue.. except the fact that my parents will be holiday and won't be able to receive it. I can't risk it especially as I've heard mixed stuff with WOWHD so I contacted them to ask whether I could change the address...

...they ended up cancelling it instead. I did get my refund however so at least it ain't too bad. I noticed United Publications had the set in stock so I went for it because it's a huge set and decided it would be better if I had the set at home than at Uni. This does mean I will be paying £100 instead of £67.62 but I'm willing to accept it considering I actually enjoyed this show a lot.
My DanMachi is waiting for me at the post office, but wasn't able to pick it up last week as i was hiking in Madeira. Will only be able to get it on Wednesday, very curious how this one looks like in real life :)
Mine had a tear to the spine, and they sent a replacement and fully refunded me when my replacement had some minor scruff.
Ended up selling the damaged copy on eBay.

I contacted them to ask how they'd package Danmachi and was assured that it would arrive in proper packaging so if there areany issues then I have some cause for a replacement/refund
Yeah kinda mind boggling how Amazon packages those special editions. For those SE's, PE's, LE's, ... i don't mind paying that bit extra and ordering from UP1 knowing they package their stuff with care.
I have never used UP1 though I might check them out at some point, Wow HD have never gave me issues, though I've yet to use them for a larger sized box set such as this
GITS Solid State Society Blu Ray also from Amazon £7.99 (couldn't find a decent copy today in Oxford Street HMV or Fopp)

Remembered that I received $20 Stuf bucks so I used them to order the following from Rightstuf

One Punch Man Limited Edition

Sekirei Anime Classics (wanted to get this as it's going OOP)

Also amazon cancelled my Serial experiments lain order, seller must have been one of those fraud ones, oh well I'll pick it up at comic con (maybe)
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