The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

Discussion in 'General Anime Chit-Chat' started by Suiseiseki, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. HWR

    HWR Stand User

    Musicmagpie have never let me down thus far, and they provided the UPC which matched the LE so I'll hope for the best ;)
  2. crashmatt

    crashmatt Thousand Master

    Sounds like you have has better luck than me. Don't ever pre order anything through them, I had an absolute shambles with my Claymore set.
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  3. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Death Scythe

    I bought my copy of Gunbuster from the MusicMagpie eBay store and it turned up in pretty good condition, booklet and all (it was the US set), I also preordered the Durarara!!x2 BD directly from their site and while it took them like a week after release to bother sending it, it also arrived fine. Anecdotal evidence of course as it does sound like your mileage will very much vary.
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  4. st_owly

    st_owly Guild Member

    Took part in the Redditgifts anime and manga exchange and was given the first 5 volumes of the Claymore manga, which arrived at the weekend.
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  5. Ian Wolf

    Ian Wolf Diclonius AUKN Staff

    Dead Leaves
    RG Veda Omnibus 2
    Complex Age Vol. 3.
    Real Account Vol. 3.
  6. Azar

    Azar Kiznaiver

    Orange Collection 2
    Prison School Vol. 1
    The Ancient Magus' Bride Vol. 1
  7. PilibO

    PilibO Student Council President

    I'm hoping that everything will work out ok (fingers crossed) but I think I've just been able to get Fairy Tail volumes 8-17 (Blu-rays- without covers) for a very good price!
  8. Blaize

    Blaize Adventurer

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  9. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Death Scythe

    Saw those on ebay too, was tempted but no covers was a killer for me and with my new FuniNow sub I've decided to just watch all of Fairy Tail on there.
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  10. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Stand User

    Stocked up on some Viz April Sale manga volumes before it expires at the end of the day. Would have grabbed more but want to save cash for Kodansha's Sale which I've yet to splurge on.

    Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Volume 2
    My Hero Academia, Volumes 4 - 5
    Nisekoi: False Love, Volumes 10 - 11
  11. crashmatt

    crashmatt Thousand Master

    Psycho Pass Season 2 - Got it from Zavvi while it at a reasonable price £33.99 I know its been a bit cheaper but its still an acceptable price. Hoping to pick up Owarimonogatari pt 2 later this month but will depend on my cash flow.
  12. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    20170411_154736.jpg Got my hands on these for a absolute bargain. Praise jesus.
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  13. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    Are you the person who got Bakemonogatari, and Nisemonogatari for £120 from ebay? If so you got a bargin.
  14. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Got it for 110 - are you the person who sold it to me =o
  15. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    na. I was told about it after I won Neko White, Black and Kabuki from that person that I missed Bake and Nise
  16. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Yeah I pretty much nabbed it instantly as it was quite the bargain. Those 3 were going for like £15 right? Thats so cheap as well >< lucky us i guess.
  17. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    Neko white ended at 26, neko black ended at 23 and Kabuki ended at 15
  18. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Your probably looking at 45 each new so thats awesome savings nonetheless.
  19. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    not as awesome as your savings. Nise new is like £120 and I imagine a similar price for Bake
  20. Ian Wolf

    Ian Wolf Diclonius AUKN Staff

    Complex Age, Vol. 4.