So whats your desktop?


Za Warudo
Loving this game so much that I decided for a sudden wallpaper change

I would kill for a HD Paper Mario game with those visuals.


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IncendiaryLemon said:
You should, it's really good!
I really should, It's on the list of things I really should watch along with another hundred or so things! :D

Also, just looking through the thread and seeing a few people with slideshow desktop wallpapers reminds me I should do that! (probably never will though!).


Combat Butler
I've recently done some upgrades to my PC and I'm mostly done (still using the 970 for now, will upgrade later in the year most likely), so I have a new wallpaper too, it's Makoto and her crazy "ama cut you while you sleep" eyes lol I already have her pegged as Persona 5's best girl, although Anne is making a comeback.....this is the point my life has reached guys, someone send help.

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It looks like I never posted the last desktop image change for my laptop, but I'm using the same one for my new computer with its new 1080p monitor (although it was a pain in the neck trying to get into photobucket).